Tech Presents Your Boyfriend Wants But Won’t Ask For

by Lucy

Tech Presents Your Boyfriend Wants But Won't Ask For

If you’re running out of ideas of what to gift your boyfriend, look no further. 

And if your boyfriend is like mine, there are loads of gadgets they want, but when you ask about it, you’re met with radio silence. 

There are only so many Lynx sets, socks, aftershaves and utility trousers a man needs.

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it is the perfect time to surprise your boyfriend with the ultimate tech present.

Find out why tech gifts are a total win for guys.

Why Don’t Guys Ask for Gifts?

Buying things like tech might be daunting because they aren’t always cheap (and we both know our boyfriends often know more about this stuff than we do). 

If you’re detecting subtle hints picked up through general conversation – the odd thing in their daily routine needs updating, or they’ve spoken about the upcoming release of a new gadget they would like – they’ve essentially asked you for it.

I always rack my brain and wonder why my boyfriend never tells me what he wants for his birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, and I feel like I might understand why. 

It is no different from what I do. I like to think that my partner listens and knows me well enough to surprise me with gifts that I’ve been hinting at and speaking about. 

Maybe your boyfriend wants the same; maybe he just wants you to listen to the subtle hints they are dishing out left, right, and centre.

Some of these things might not seem like things you would consider cute or a good gift, but if it’s something they want, it’s a no-brainer. 

A good example – a recent Christmas fail was when my boyfriend seemed to be into bikes (and is currently redoing one), hinted that it needed a new seat, and even showed me the exact one he wanted. 

I thought I was not getting a bloody bike seat for Christmas! I didn’t give it another thought, so it was to my surprise he told me on Christmas day he would have loved the bike seat as a gift and would have happily gone without the odd thing I thought was better (don’t worry, I asked; he was still grateful).

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Alternatively, you might have a boyfriend who thinks he might be asking for too much, as asking for tech items can seem like you’re asking for the world to some people.

But if you have the spare cash and want to treat your partner, listen for the hints or look at what needs a good upgrade.

If you are struggling with some inspiration, look no further. I will give you a rundown of all the best tech presents of 2024 to consider buying for your boyfriend.

I have researched and selected a fabulous range of smart, new and classic tech and gadgets that your boyfriend will love and appreciate.

And who knows, you might be able to introduce them to something new and cool that they didn’t know existed and bag yourself some brownie points! 

Ember Smart Mug 2

Ember Smart Mug 2

This tech present is a clever gift for your partner, whether they love to drink tea and coffee, are a fan of camping, or work remotely.

There isn’t a person I know who wouldn’t find some appreciation in a handy piece of tech.

This tech gift is perfect if they are prone to get distracted and always left with half a stone cold brew they no longer want; it gives them some freedom to crack on and then still enjoy their drink.

The Smart Mug will keep your beverage at the temperature you want; the coaster heats up and can last up to 90 minutes, keeping your 295ml (which comes in different sizes up to 414ml) brew at a comfortable temperature controlled via an app on your smartphone. This stainless steel piece comes in copper, gold, rose gold and stainless steel.

Hyper Mega Tech Super Pocket Taito Edition Hand-Held Reto Game

Hyper Mega Tech Super Pocket Taito Edition Hand-Held Reto Game

If your boyfriend is a proper gamer and loves the opportunity to have a go at some old-school gaming on the go, then this gift is fun and something to consider. 

This little console can go everywhere with them, whether they are travelling a lot or want to chill and have a game.

They can also choose between 18 classic games we all miss and love, such as Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble and much more.

The reviews on this little gadget have been outstanding, so it is something that’s both affordable and worth the money at the same time.

Meta Quest 3 Virtual Reality Headset

A tech present that’s a bit more expensive than others but can multitask is definitely worth it

This virtual reality headset is another ideal gift for gaming enthusiasts. 

You can use this piece to learn new skills, like playing the piano, or simply use it as an excuse to have fun.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore (Ferrari Edition) – Waterproof, Bluetooth Speaker

A handy tech present for your boyfriend, whether he loves to entertain, listen to loud music in the shower, go camping, or if you heard him complaining about his current speaker, is the Beosound rugged outdoor wireless speaker. 

It comes with water and dust protection, making it very durable. 

It has up to 27 hours of battery life, making it ideal for a long holiday or camping trip.

PlayStation Classic Gaming Console

I apologize for all the gamer tech presents, but PlayStation is a tech gift for almost everyone. Even I would be made up with this, and I’m not much of a gamer girl. 

This gaming console will transport your boyfriend back to the 90s. 

It is a miniature version of the PlayStation console and comes pre-loaded with 20 of the classic games. 

It’s a perfect Valentine’s gift because it’s a gift you might both appreciate on lazy Sundays.

If your boyfriend is already a PlayStation fanatic, you might have to bite the bullet and aim for the modern PlayStation5.

This choice would be hands down the best present if they are already obsessed with getting the new consoles.

Victoria Eastwood Bluetooth Record Player

Victoria Eastwood Bluetooth Record Player

Dust off the LP collection! This all-in-one turntable makes listening to records easy, with a built-in speaker, support for all three 33, 45 and 78 RPMs, and a Bluetooth feature. 

This record player is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves vinyl records. 

It’s a combination of modern and retro listening in one.

You can make this gift last by gifting new records for any holiday or special occasion.

Blueair Blue 325oI Air Purifier

An air purifier might not sound like an obvious or exciting tech gift, but this is a fun little gadget if your partner is a remote worker, for instance, and enjoys a lovely smelling and clean space. 

It improves air quality, and if they are in a little flat, cooking your meals can leave a lasting smell on your clothes (my partner despises clothes smelling like food). 

This is where the air purifier comes in handy, removing lingering smells on your furniture and clothes and ensuring they can cook and live in peace. 

Many settings can benefit from an air purifier to create a pleasant atmosphere, especially for those with sensitivities. 

Google Fitbit Charge 6

google fitbit 6

A great choice for a little tech present that is perfect for your partner if they are into fitness and want to keep track of things such as steps, heart rate, and directions. 

The Fitbit now features a Google Wallet payment function and YouTube music, so your boyfriend won’t need to take their phone out for a run.

Portable Power Station

It’s great to have a portable power station on hand for outdoor activities like camping and garden parties and as backup power in case of unplanned blackouts. 

We have firsthand experience with the last one; when our power went out last year, we could recharge our laptop and phone and keep a floor light on. 

Some can be as little as £300, This Anker device is reasonably priced and packs enough power to recharge a smartphone over a dozen times. 

It’s something he’d never expect you to get, and he’ll probably be grateful and appreciative of the thought.

Corby Eton 35L Glass Door Minibar

A little mini fridge or minibar is another awesome tech gift idea for your boyfriend. 

They can be incredibly handy. It’s something I think everyone wants but would never ask for. 

My boyfriend has spoken about getting one that could be charged by a power station for camping purposes. 

This is a versatile present and will be used, no matter what. Think home office, bedroom, games room etc.

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