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Better Lives for Modern Men

menPsyche covers relationships, life and health dilemmas, men’s style, entertainment and topics that concern modern men (and those who care about them!). The website aims to provide helpful discussions and information on crucial factors for a contented life.

Our content often addresses the “psyche” or mindset to provide fresh perspectives and encouragement for those men who need help navigating the modern world.

The aim of menPsyche is to support Better Lives for Modern Men through our articles, Men’s Stories and with our Help and Resource guides.

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Harsh - Founder of menPsyche

Founder & Editor - Harsh Kushwah

Harsh is the Founder of menPsyche. 

He is a writer, researcher (and part-time philosopher!) 

Harsh holds a Masters by Research degree (MSc Res) in Communications and Computer Engineering from The LNMIIT, Jaipur, India. He completed his thesis on the effect of social influences on adoption of new ideas/technologies in a dynamically changing population. 

Harsh is an experienced writer. Apart from his thesis, he has produced over two million words for clients, authored books, published in reputed publications and scientific journals (and found time to publish creative writing and poetry).

He has applied his knowledge not only to writing but also across the domain of marketing (including for small businesses, tech companies, government public awareness campaigns and for political candidates). 

His experience in flood disaster relief has shaped his overall interest in helping people in crisis and to handle their personal challenges.

Jennifer- Co- Founder of menPsyche

Co-Founder – Jennifer Richardson

Jennifer is the co-founder and editor of menPsyche, and the Founder of our partner website – womenPsyche.
Read more about Jennifer here.

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