The Lads’ List: The Best Male Blogs for a Chuckle and a Change | 2024

by Jennifer Richardson

best male blogs

If you are always on the lookout for quality blogs for men and that share actual OPINIONS, can I recommend you bookmark this page (or share it with your friends).

Below I give my opinion on some of the very best male blogs and WHY they are worth reading.

The blogs in the review below are for blogs and websites where the content is primarily written for men and men’s issues.

It is surprisingly hard to find men-focused content. There are plenty of male bloggers, of course, who do great work, but male-specific content covering men’s unique issues and perspectives is not that common online (or offline!).

A common theme amongst many of the male blogs I reviewed was the mention that their blog is a “no bs guide” or contains “no fluff.”

So it seems perhaps this is an acknowledgement the audience is looking for ‘real’ advice and help. (although I suspect it’s not just guys who don’t enjoy reading “fluff”).

The opinions below are my review of the blog’s overall “essence” and voice – not a full-blown blog analysis.

Some blogs are so well-established and have such a depth of content that it was quite a challenge to do justice to their outstanding work in a single review article.

Blogging is still a great way to learn, research, connect and find someone in your “tribe.” Along with our own, there are heaps of blogs that gear their content towards men’s issues and interests.

It’s not all fashion and hair (although that is okay, too!). Men’s blogs cover anything from health to niche hobbies and everything in between.

See below for menPsyche’s Best of Men’s Blogging in 2024! (Feel free to add any website that you find excellent quality and value in the comments below (and tell us why)

1. The Good Men Project (Category – Men’s Stories; Community)

men bloggers

With The Good Men Project, I get the feeling I get a great range of opinions and experiences from very sensible voices! 

What started as a space for men’s stories is now a highly successful website with numerous other media offshoots.  You can find a community here, plus skill development and an enormous volume of up-to-date content.

One of the most successful resources and best male blogs developed for men.

2. The Art of Manliness (Category –   Men’s Advice & Lifestyle)

The Art of Manliness- best male blogs

This well-established, unique, intelligent blog has some great niche topics for guys who need guidance and tips on being a man. It is not apparent (and getting more confusing by the day) exactly what people expect from men. 

This website has an enormous back catalogue of anything you can think of that a guy might want or need. It has so much information it is bound to have something you want to know but cannot find elsewhere. 

There are hundreds of podcasts, helpful books, plus guides and conversations. Congratulations to the founders – it’s a work of art! (Seriously – the design is unmatched).

3. Nomadic Boys (Category – Gay Men, Travel)

Nomadic Boys- best male blogs gay men

It’s a sad reality that gay men cannot safely travel to some locations. Nomadic Boys is a blog dedicated to travel for gay men, providing valuable information and insights.

With an easy-to-navigate and well-designed interface, the blog covers destination information, tips and guides, interviews and more from the travelling founders. 

These top male bloggers provide not only an entertaining read but also an essential resource.

Read more great tips from the Nomadic Boys HERE.

4. Man Of Many (Category – Lifestyle, Luxury, Automotive)
best male blogs- man of many

When researching the best male blogs, I sometimes found websites for men that were too niche.

This is not the case with Man of Many.

A highly-awarded, long-running website for all things men, with HQ in Australia, Man of Many covers almost any topic you can think of for every interest a man could have.

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The content, while directed to men’s interests, is really suitable for anyone from anywhere. (I became addicted to the boating section, for example!).

The broad range of topics from the outdoors, tech gadgets, wine and drinks, the latest movies and television releases, news, advice, and so much more is guaranteed to keep you entertained and informed for hours.

5. The Unfinished Man (Category – Lifestyle, Entertainment)
The Unfinished Man- best male blogs list

This blog for men has an authentic voice throughout the content. It covers some really quite distinctive titles and topics that could be of interest to many guys. 

The main categories are auto, entertainment, fine living, advice, style and relationships. But, within these categories, the blog tackles some interesting issues. It doesn’t just deliver the usual or expected take on men’s issues.

6. Divorced Guy Grinning (Category – Divorce & Relationships)

divorced guy grinning

This blog’s owner reminds us a little of ourselves – we are interested in helping men  (at AND women! (at

Divorced Guy Grinning is for men who have been divorced or are currently going through this common but tumultuous life event. (The founder, Jackie, also runs a website for divorced women ).

Restarting life after a divorce can be a crazy and stressful time for anyone.

But there isn’t a whole lot of support and information out there for guys (well, not that we could easily find).

Having the right perspective to guide you through this time can be lifesaving. 

It can ease the anxiety associated with relationships, reduce the fear of commitment after a failed marriage, and even lighten up the pressure of getting back into the game after a divorce.

The information on this blog is for divorcees and single dads (and anyone who supports or knows someone in this circumstance).

Apart from a great blog, there is also a podcast that delves into many issues men might encounter during and after divorce.

It’s nice to know someone has thought to provide support for all the guys out there who are struggling with one of life’s toughest challenges.

7. Dad’s Delicious Dinners (Category – Food)

dad's delicious dinners

We have already heaped praise on this top website for Dads – check out our review over at 7 Dad Blogs to Help Today’s Fathers.

There are many reasons to read this helpful blog for men who are single fathers or just busy dads who cook for their kids.

In particular, we really love their “search by time” feature.

Dad’s Delicious Dinners is great for fathers – and basically anyone – who needs a little help with meal planning and managing the kids.

8. The Modest Man (Category – Men’s Fashion for Short Guys)

The Modest Man

Imagine you are not tall, and every time you go shopping, you can’t find flattering clothing options, or you need to get every single item tailored!

Well, The Modest Man is a blog for the shorter guys out there who struggle with fashion and style.

This blog is a fantastic idea!

I loved their outfit ideas plus they have tonnes of men’s fashion and style advice.

9. Balding and Beards (Hair/Grooming)

Balding and Beards

Quite frankly, I cannot turn a corner these days without being confronted with a beard! They have been on trend for a long time and do not appear to be going anywhere soon.

They look great but they take some care to keep them that way.

This great blog takes on not only the facial hair of men but tackles a very sensitive subject for many men – baldness.

Hair is a big deal for guys. At menPsyche, we are interested in the psyche and mindset of men to lead contented lives, and this is especially important when it comes to your looks and self-worth. 

Balding and Beards’ empathetic approach to the topic of baldness and grooming runs throughout their articles.

For those men facing hair loss, there is plenty of in-depth information on this website.

And for the guys who want to groom their facial hair, there is everything you need to know, with helpful guides and endless great suggestions.

10. Men Do Outdoors (Outdoors/Sports)

Men Do Outdoors

Sometimes you just get the urge to act – to move your body and do something physical!

We tend to live in our heads a little too much.

Or maybe you just appreciate nature and the environment.

Whatever your calling, the founder of Men Do Outdoors has created a blog to inspire men to get outside, be active and enjoy nature.

The website aims to be a space for men to get the latest tips, learn about trending outdoor sports and generally see what other blokes are up to!

Being an outdoorsy girl from Australia who sailed the seas, I can appreciate this blog and hope the men of the world are inspired to join in the fun.

11. Mens Group (Category – Health, Relationships, Men’s Resources)

best male blogs

This website is a great find for those regular guys looking for role models or a community to ultimately be “better” men.

The blog features articles on health, relationships, addiction and more, with an overall focus on self-improvement. Their use of role models is an excellent element of this website. Through hearing about other guys (including successful celebrities), the average guy can learn how to deal with the problem areas of his own life.

They also offer a variety of services and training. 

It’s an inclusive and friendly space that allows the conversations that many guys search for (and can’t find) and a place for connection.

12. The Gentleman Racer (Category – Lifestyle, Luxury, Automotive)

best male blogs to follow

This is a long-established niche website for guys interested in luxury cars and the lifestyle that matches. It’s possible to spend hours on here reading one car review, travel experience or luxury story after the other, so maybe don’t read this one at work!

The ‘Lifestyle’ section alone could be its own website, covering everything from art to technology to shooting. One of the best websites for men who like to dream about or already living the ‘high life’.

13. Fatherly (Category – Fathers, Lifestyle)

best blogs for men

This website, aimed at fathers, covers a comprehensive range of interesting and beneficial content for men and fathers.

Some of the extensive categories covered in this website include Parenting, Health, Dad Bods, Self, Advice, Gear, Money Matters etc. 

It’s great to see a website just for fathers  (considering there are hundreds of millions of fathers, and parenting is kinda important!).

14. Urbasm (Category –Lifestyle)

urbasm- best male blogs

There are some very engaging and unique articles on Urbasm. The writing is highly entertaining, and the content feels fresh. 

The creator states the blog aims to help men live well, attempt to be “better”, and thrive in an urban environment.

I got stuck on here, wanting to read more of the blog’s perspective and see what else they would say.

15. The Adult Man (Category: Fashion & Style)

the adultman- best male blogs list

As with many of the blogs I found aimed at men,  The Adult Man mentions upfront that this site will be a “no bs” zone. 

The writers on this blog are highly relatable and humorous. Their guides on fashion and style, in particular, are entertaining and helpful, with wearable outfit inspiration and product reviews for guys.

16. Fit Men Cook (Category – Health; Nutrition, Recipes)

Fit Men Cook- best male blogs list

Probably read this after dinner or a meal– it will affect your appetite immediately, and you may begin to drool otherwise! 

Fit Men Cook is a very visual and practical website for guys (or anyone) who needs healthy recipes for a fit and healthy life.

If you cook or need recipes and inspiration, it’s a great place to start your journey.

17. The Modern Man (Category – Dating & Relationships)

top male blogs

This niche men’s blog was created by a dating expert and is all about the “how to” of the dating world for guys. 

There is a large amount of interesting, relevant and topical content and resources for guys who need direction and advice in this sometimes tricky area of life. The Modern Man will probably be able to answer questions you have often wanted to ask about dating but didn’t know who to ask. 

The founder, Dan Bacon, discusses many nuances of modern dating and has years of practical tips and experience to help guys.

18. Sharpologist (Category – Grooming)

sharpologist men blogs list

A niche website, Sharpoligist, is all about shaving. Given that guys deal with this for a good part of their lives, it’s surprising that there are not more experts or similar content online. 

Apart from product reviews and information, there are shaving and grooming guides for guys and entertaining blog articles in this niche blog.

19. AlphaM (Category – Lifestyle; Advice)

alpha male Best Male Blogs,top male bloggers,blogs for men

Sometimes, the ‘World of Men’ can get a little serious and bogged down with ‘advice.’ This website is all about advice – but it’s delivered in a relatable and often humorous way, so the issues are addressed, but it doesn’t feel like it’s all downhill.

The founder relates his own personal and business struggles too. 

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Don’t forget us!menPsyche (Category -Relationships, Entertainment, Life Guides & Resources)

Yes, we are including ourselves here! We at menPsyche are attempting to provide a comprehensive blog relating to men’s issues and a place where guys can get resources, learn about a range of relatable topics and share their stories. 

menpsyche- top male blogs

Apart from our original relationship, lifestyle and health articles, we also delve into the world of entertainment from a unique perspective. We hope guys can find helpful resources and solutions to their problems at menPsyche and ultimately live better lives.

Let us know below any blogs we have missed – and why you are recommending them.

Best Male Blogs List by menPsyche

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