HK Vitals Biotin – Honest Review

by Harsh Kushwah

HK Vitals Multivitamin review

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I first heard about Biotin when I visited my doctor for irregular blood glucose levels. One of the suggestions from the doctor was to try a B Vitamin supplement, and that’s when I learned about Biotin (vitamin B7). 

I have had difficulty taking supplements in the past due to some unpleasant side effects. 

However, considering my health issues, I thought to give it a try. 

I read that getting the recommended dose of Vitamin B can be difficult, especially when you are not eating meat and eggs daily. 

The product I chose to order was HK Vitals Biotin supplement. 

The changes were not sudden. It did take a few months to notice improvements. Also, along with the supplement, I focused on improving my diet and sleep patterns. 

Changes I observed while taking the Biotin supplement were –

  1. Improved Blood Sugar Control– My glucose level in the morning (fasting) and Post- Prandial  (PP- two hours post lunch) reduced significantly in 3 months.
  1. Improved Hair Growth– It helped in reducing hair fall. Also, the hair became stronger, and I also witnessed renewed growth.
  1. Relief in Tinnitus – I have been suffering from Tinnitus (ringing sound in the ear). It can seriously affect your quality of life. I have seen improvement in my condition after a couple of months of taking Biotin. (I found this report.) 

From my personal experience, I was pleased with HK Vitals Biotin.

Disclaimer – This is a personal review, not a health endorsement. Please consult the appropriate health professional for individual advice.

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