Beyond Hustle Culture: How Relaxation Is The Path To Self Improvement

by Harsh Kushwah

hustle culture

What if less is more? What if I told you that you can boost your productivity and see leaps in your self-improvement goals by slowing down and, wait for it – relaxing!

Hustle culture feels like the only way to really get somewhere, but what if it’s doing the opposite? 

After all, a tired mind and body, long hours and a terrible work-life balance don’t sound like optimal ways to achieve personal greatness.


Some time ago, I realized that the more I did, the less I achieved. It didn’t make sense. Why were the results and progress not matched by my level of ‘hustle?’

Sure, I looked busy; people saw me buzzing around, ‘achieving’ and chasing results.

Yet somehow, the more I did, the less satisfied I felt. And the more burnt out I became.

As I said, it didn’t make sense. And then someone said, “You look like you need a break. You aren’t paying attention. And you look exhausted.”

Not exactly the best compliment.

Instead of attaining mega results, my self-improvement and general life productivity were obviously not where I wanted them to be.

It was then I realized I hadn’t stopped, was in danger of losing it all – and it started to make sense. 

Like an electric car, I needed to recharge if I wanted to keep going.

Relaxation for Productivity

Many people believe that hustling is the path to self-improvement. The more they grind, the more they can get done, and the more they can grow. 

But if you’ve ever encountered someone with a hustle mentality, you’ll know this isn’t always the case. Many individuals caught in this trap endlessly spin away on life’s hamster wheel, never really making profound progress in any direction. 

And I don’t blame people for believing in the hustle culture.

Everyone from parents, teachers, business leaders, celebrities and ‘high achievers’ often quote the need to really push to get anything of real value in life.

It’s as if it’s the only option – you are not allowed to rest or have a slow, simple life!

What’s probably needed is a reframing of success. The notion of achievement in the world should be more centred on balance and holistic well-being and less on unsustainable financial growth practices. 

Interestingly, relaxation and productivity appear to go hand-in-hand. One tends to reinforce the other. 

For instance, research shows that when people feel relaxed, it improves their cognitive function, and they can get more done. They feel at ease, so their brain spends less time on survival and more on creativity and abundance. 

Well-being is actually relatively easy for people to achieve. In most cases, it simply requires a change in perspective and new practices. 

Engaging in daily, productive, and self-building habits can help, but what ultimately makes a difference is the content of the inner dialogue itself. 

If people have peaceful conversations with themselves, then it will fundamentally change their well-being. 

Navigating The Thin Line

As with everything in life, the ultimate answers are more complex and nuanced than people imagine. Some challenges are required for growth, while others can prevent it. 

Wisdom is knowing when stress is sufficient and when it is excessive. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear where to draw the line. 

Athletes, for instance, put their bodies through extreme stress to achieve their goals. In their case, it may be necessary, even if it could be damaging long-term. 

In other situations, individuals may prioritize comfort too much, believing that the purpose of life is to have endless pleasurable experiences.

It also may depend on the person and the situation.

We all need to occasionally hustle, but not everyone is suited to constant pressure. We are not really built for that.

So what’s the answer? How can we stop and relax the body and mind?

Mindfulness And Presence

Fortunately, there are numerous ancient methods that enable you to change your basic state of relaxation and potentially get more done. 

Mindfulness is a technique that enables greater self-awareness and creates a gap between the thoughts you have and the person you are. 

These practices, when combined with CBD can help tremendously. Many people report vastly improved inner peace and a sense of reduced anxiety. 

They can better take on challenges in their lives and get things done. 

Embracing Stillness

In a world of hustle culture, embracing stillness is challenging for many. 

We’re told to be constantly on the go, trying to make things happen. It feels wrong to stop moving.

But stillness is often where the most beautiful things occur. 

It’s here, in moments of genuine silence, that the most original and compelling thoughts happen. 

When the internal chatter becomes quiet, that’s when breakthroughs in thinking can occur. 

Balancing Ambition

Finally, it’s critical to balance ambition with well-being. 

Many people sacrifice themselves on the altar of success, believing they can take care of themselves once they finally reach their goals. 

Unfortunately, they can do significant damage to themselves along the way. That’s why relaxation must be a part of the process. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the best for yourself and those around you – but the way to achieve the results needs a little thought and planning.

Following the latest guru and following the advice to reach your ambitious goals will probably not work if there isn’t some ‘R and R’ built into the picture.

So, think about yourself and your health, relax, and the self-improvement results should head in the right direction.

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