Rest in your Running Shoes

by Devanshu Gaur

rest in your running shoes

The world’s fastest roller coaster, ‘Ferrari Rossa,’ is the only roller coaster in the world that requires the passengers to wear protective goggles.

The roller coaster cuts the standing air at a speed that the resisting air makes your eyes squint to the point that your vision is interrupted.

Great speeds can interrupt your vision.

You do not need to ride a roller coaster to learn that lesson in life.

We are all running fast to stand up to the competition and remain part of the race.

The fastest person will win the race, theoretically. This theory will stand null and void in a short while.

Speed is relative and creates holes in time – this statement can be scientifically and philosophically proven.

rest in your running shoes

A train speeding towards you will always create an illusion of speed.

It’s when it closes down on the distance you notice the actual speed.

The train is the time left in your hands.

It will always travel at the same speed- it’s you who decides to run towards it or away from it.

Speeding through life is like removing a band-aid with a quick snap – you get it done but only feel a slight sting.

rest in your running shoes

It is important to feel. You’re only human, after all.

Pause and feel life. Soak it all in – the juice of life. 

You can’t compete with time when it comes to speed. 

Well, you can’t compete with time in any way. 

When you stop and look closely, you’ll realise the cracks time has left. 

These cracks are timestamps to the events where you sped through life, but time did its job very well. But amazingly, time also heals – if you give it time.

Paradoxical, as it may sound, but ‘to do more, do less.’ 

Simple things in life are the best indulgences with time in hand.

rest in your running shoes

You can rush for years and not know the purpose but slow down for a minute with a blooming flower bud and treat yourself to untold meanings.

Meanings and answers to the questions you never asked. These are essential to your purpose of existence and motion.

A math teacher would tell the class that whenever they get stuck with a problem, read it again.

Slower than the first time. And if you don’t get the answer, read it again and even slower than the last time. 

This lesson helped many students, but they thought it was a trick the teacher had conjured up. 

Curiosity now piqued, the students asked the teacher about this technique and why it works almost every time.

The teacher smiled and replied with what will be a life lesson to these young students – ‘When you read the question fast, your brain is reading the question, but when you read the question slowly, your brain is solving the question.’ 

That’s life – when you go fast, you add days to life.

But only when you go slow do you add life to your days.

We all must slow down to look around once and calmly see that the fuel of life can either drive you or burn you down.

It will only depend on what speed you would like to burn it.

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