When Is the Best Time to Eat Bananas?

by Jennifer Richardson

right time to have bananas

A frequent sight at my local gym are gymgoers munching on bananas before their workouts.

It made me curious about what is the best time to eat bananas.

Perhaps it depends on your particular health and nutritional status or energy requirements.

Or is there an optimal time to consume this favourite fruit? 

When to Consume Bananas

The nutritional components of bananas hint as to the best time to consume this food.

Bananas are a good source of:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Carbohydrates

Each of these nutrients plays a vital role in many of the body’s processes and this is why bananas can be a useful addition to most diets.

Your health, medical status and requirements may determine the optimal time to consume a banana.

Bananas are an affordable, convenient and nutritious food for most people.

Below are some things to consider at different times when eating bananas throughout the day.

In the Morning

If you need carbohydrates and electrolytes before a workout in the morning, bananas may be a useful food.AD 4nXe251ApjV3SYlmkUhXqit2IpStn4rwgaSrndzhUMg9 7xxCR6LGLNl8dxegxFLnmiy7MzqLBqAUnfBAUdJpWLvPk7s1 cRPNKrYK1b95Df5LzKhoRWKvJM01BNnur7MEtwxM2FrE8g2AwbMglXVWg5 best time to eat bananas,right time to eat bananas

If you have slept in and are running out the door without brushing your hair, a banana is certainly an easy option!

Depending on whether you are about to go for a run, or lift weights, bananas may be suitable as a morning pre-workout boost.

Not everyone starts the day well with carbohydrates, and some people prefer to stabilise their blood sugar throughout the day by choosing a protein and fats-based meal instead.

Also check out these 10 Fruits for sugar patients that can be considered (in conjunction with your overall diabetic eating plan).

For those who do better with a little carbohydrate in the mornings, bananas can easily be added to a host of nutritious recipes or eaten alone if you do not find they cause digestive issues.

Before A Workout

As mentioned in the introduction, I regularly see people consuming a banana (sometimes multiple!) prior to their workouts.AD 4nXdII7jhv0w0bWEbL5MKUaMvgO4vwt9qbWxt075m2EQYUy6ZS Ato6UTcw494l7BBLFwFLHgE 1k86C5nCI h6vbfteOD5q622aANIoGo0DVdA07mDhDfjlqGRX5G2yuJcrTpl76JRiAH10iR1ytN9rEwZIENzBMSYWk7I best time to eat bananas,right time to eat bananas

They appear to be a popular choice, along with protein shakes.

Some people (those on no or low-carbohydrate diets) can still work out without carbohydrates if their bodies have adapted to this way of eating.

But for those who eat carbohydrates, a banana, in combination with a source of protein, may make a useful pre-workout option.

It might be worth experimenting – see if a banana helps your performance, or if you find you do better with a different option, or without food before exercising.

After a Workout

Pre-workout we are talking energy, but post-workout is a different game.

After you exercise, the requirement shifts to recovery and repair, muscle growth and restoring glycogen stores.

The nutrients in bananas can aid in the above processes and, once again, make a good choice for most people as post-workout nutrition.

The energy requirements may not be the same after exercise, but the additional nutrients in bananas are useful for recovery, and replenishing glycogen.

Bananas At Night

The vitamins and minerals in bananas are nutrients required for quality sleep.

benefit of bananas at night

In particular magnesium, but also potassium and b6.

These nutrients also support melatonin and serotonin – hormones involved in sleep.

Along with their sleep-enhancing qualities, these nutrients also play a role in calming the body, lowering stress and reducing muscle cramps.

You probably don’t need a lot of energy in the evening compared to the day, but bananas may still provide nutritious and helpful nutrition in your last meal of the day.

Bananas are more than just carbohydrates and energy!


Overall, bananas are a healthy food for most people.

The best time to eat bananas depends on your activity and nutrient requirements.

It’s important to consider foods in the context of your entire diet to ensure you receive optimal nutrition.

banana in diet

The right time to eat bananas is probably when you most need the nutrients and energy from the carbohydrates.

Always check with a nutrition specialist prior to modifying your diet.


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