Comprehensive Guide To 150+ Helpful Resources For Men (Worldwide)

by Harsh Kushwah

helpful resources fo men mental health fatherhood coachin and more

This resource by collates a range of services and resources available for men in areas such as crisis helplines, health and fitness, personal development, de-addiction, coaching, fatherhood, divorce and much more.

It is so easy for guys to feel alone with their problems. It’s not your fault – your social conditioning may mean you were not encouraged to seek help. But there are places and services out there for you. Whether you need a support group, health advice, or mentoring, or you want to work on yourself and your skills, we have put together the ultimate resource list. You are NOT alone.

Throughout the stages of your life, you may need to seek help from time to time. Maybe you are a student, or a new father or facing a health career crisis. Whatever help you need, there are many groups and services to guide you on your way.

Follow the Directory below to find services and resources for men worldwide.


The following information includes help and crisis lines, and information, support and resources for  men’s issues such as health, mental health, counselling and therapy, coaching, personal development, fitness, addiction and substance abuse, divorce, fatherhood, social groups etc.

Australia · Canada · Dubai/UAE · India · New Zealand

Pakistan · Philippines · Singapore · South Africa · United Kingdom · United States


Helpful Resources for Men – Australia

MensLine AustraliaFree phone and online counselling for men in Australia. Qualified counsellors provide 24/7 assistance on various topics for men, including relationships, addiction, family violence, mental health, stress, anger management and general health and well-being.

Beyond Blue –  The most well-known mental health organisation in Australia, operating for over 20 years. Services include a 24/7 helpline, chat, forums and information and education.

Lifeline  – Non-judgemental, supportive crisis helpline in Australia available 24/7. Chat and text services are also available.  

Top Blokes Foundation – Provides programs and education for boys and young men in Australia to increase respect, empathy and resilience and reduce the incidence of mental health issues, suicide and risk-taking behaviours.

BlackDog Institute – Research and awareness for mental health issues. The community portal is available via web login.

Dads In Distress Helpline – Support for separated dads – 1300 853 437

Right Mate – Support, resources and connection for Men’s Mental Health

Don’t Be That Man – Services, resources and crisis accommodation for men who are concerned about their controlling behavior turning violent

Regional Men’s Health Initiative (WA) – Community health education for men’s health – based in regional Western Australia

Mens Wellbeing  – NGO for men supporting men through programs and places for self improvement

Mantle Health – Offers psychology services for men Australia-wide

Mr Perfect – Community group offering free social BBQ events for men across Australia

Australian Mens Shed Assoc. – Community organisation that assists others to start men’s support and skill-based groups (men’s sheds) in their local area

Mates – Suicide prevention education across the construction industry

The Fathering Project – The first intervention program for fathering in Australia, promotion positive engagement for fathers with their children (of all ages). Men can join or start a Dad’s Group.

Healthy Male – Funded by the Government, this platform offers up-to-date health information about men’s health issues. – counselling for men, offering support for life and relationship concerns such as divorce and co-parenting

You Got This Mate – mental health support for men living in rural regions of NSW

The Men’s Table – support groups for men to share experiences and garner connection

Brisbane Men’s Therapy – Mentoring, therapy, and counseling for men and young men

The Male Hug – platform that connects professional men who need assistance with mental health issues to a buddy for support

Mengage – Health and information resources for men 

Helpful Resources for Men – Canada

Canadian Men’s Health Foundation – The service provides tools, support and resources for men, including checklists, resources guide, podcasts and general health topic education.

Multicultural Health Brokers – Support and health information for immigrant communities in Canada. They offer a South Asian Men’s Support Group program for those in the Edmonton area.

Talk Suicide A crisis helpline in Canada offering 24/7 phone assistance and an option for text support.

Helpful Resources for Men – DUBAI

BrotherhoodDXB – Support Group on Meetup, (see also Instagram and Coaching)

Helpful Resources for Men – INDIA

AASRA – Providing a listening service and crisis intervention for people in distress, suicidal, lonely etc. Free, confidential, 24/7 Helpline. English & Hindi (Head Office – Navi Mumbai).

Sumaitri – Crisis intervention, 7 days a week, depression and suicide. Phone Helpline and email address provided for written assistance (Head Office – New Delhi).

Vandrevala Foundation – Free Crisis and Mental Health Helpline 24×7 via call or WhatsApp via non-profit with over 1 million calls to date. (Mumbai)

Fortis Stress Helpline – A 24-hour emergency service in 15 languages – Call 083 7680 4102

Spandan – 24×7 Suicide prevention helpline. Free and Confidential service. (Indore)

One Life – 24×7 Confidential crisis support and suicide prevention via phone, chat, email or video in multiple languages (Hyderabad).

LifeLine Foundation – Free Suicide Helpline, 7 days a week. NGO providing confidential and non-judgemental assistance (Based in Kolkata)

Sanjivani (Jabalpur Police initiative) – Suicide helpline with assistance from Doctors. Helpline numbers –  1253, 0761-2626622 or email  to

COOJ Mental Health Distress Helpline – Free service. Both phone and email communication are available. Languages English, Hindi and Konkani (Goa)

Jeevan Helpline Suicide PreventionConfidential helpline service, 7 days a week, both call and email service available. (Jamshedpur)

Thanal Suicide Prevention CentreFree and confidential service for distressed people at risk of suicide. Phone helpline or written correspondence via email available (Kerala)

SAHAI Helpline – Phone Counselling for young adults with emotional upheaval – Call 080 2549 7777, 098 8644 4075

Kashmiri Life Line – Free, confidential Helpline for mental crisis and emotional distress. Assistance via call, email or one-on-one chat (Clinic in Srinigar).

Roshni – Confidential, free Helpline for distressed and suicidal persons (Hyderbad) 

The Samaritans Mumbai – Helpline for distress and suicide 7 days a week, limited hours (Mumbai)

Saath – Free and confidential suicide prevention helpline via phone, email or face-to-face operating 7 days a week (Ahmedabad)

Parivarthan Counselling Helpline – A free phone counselling helpline with trained, multi-lingual counsellors (Bangalore).

Maithri KochiEmergency Helpline 7 days a week via call or email. (Clinic in Kochi, Kerala). 

Sneha – 7 days a week, confidential and free unconditional support o phone or via email (Chennai)

Sanjeevani – Limited hours Helpline or email service for depressed or distressed persons. (Clinic – Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala)

Connecting NGO – Distress helpline 7 days a week via call or email (Pune)

Maitra Helpline – Helpline for emotional distress with trained, confidential staff. Phone and email service (Mumbai).

Government Help

  • Police Number in India – 100
  • Medical Helpline Phone Number  (24/7) (check States for details and availability of service) – 104
  • National Emergency Number India – 112

Kiran24×7 National Helpline run by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment – 1800-599-0019. The service offers free support to persons in distress and psychological crisis, first-aid and mental health support in 13 Indian languages.

HeadsUpGuys – An international resource for men facing issues such as depression. Therapists and resources are available.

SnehiMental Health Counselling Service since 1994. It covers any psychological or emotional issues such as exam stress, family problems, marital issues, domestic violence, discrimination etc.

Men’s Minds MatterBased in the UK, this service offers men tips, self-help and suicide prevention information.

Sanjivini Society for Mental HealthFree counselling for adults (New Delhi)

Jeevan Aastha helpline – Mental Health Counselling for various issues, including crises,  addictions, physical or mental illness, relationship stress and career or study problems (Gandhinagar).

Mind Matters Circle – A mental health support group based in Chennai that offers online and offline support, including a WhatsApp group and meet-ups. Contact

Movember – An international organisation that tackles various men’s health issues globally, focusing on mental health, suicide and cancer prevention.

Diet & Exercise

Healthify Me – An comprehensive health App aimed at an Indian audience that includes weight loss advice, tracking of health metrics, recipes, professional advice, health information, an Indian food database, exercise programs, etc. 

Healthy Diet Information – Extensive information about nutrition, weight loss, food types, storage and handling, and life-stage dietary requirements from the Indian government’s National Health Portal (NHP).

FittrAn App with diets and workout plans, videos, progress tracker, community and coaching

Disease Prevention

Healthy Heart Tips – 20 tips from cardiac specialists at Narayana Health 

Indian Heart AssociationInformation about Indians and heart disease susceptibility.

Diabetes IndiaArticles and news about diabetes causes, complications and treatments.

Diabetes Information Information on the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, management and complications arising from diabetes from the National Health Portal (NHP).

Cancer InformationArticle discussing the common cancers in India Men. 

Sports & Hobbies

The Art of Living – Yoga asanas for men, free workshops and training

Yoga4Men – Online yoga courses, programs and retreats (including in India) specially designed for men’s bodies, addressing tightness in common areas like hamstrings, shoulders and hips.

(See also – Self Improvement)

Indian Bodybuilding – Articles and Information on bodybuilding, training and workouts, professional advice and associated products and supplements

Golds GymsWith over 100 gyms across India, they offer various exercise and wellness programs, personal training and a variety of accredited fitness-related accreditations and courses.

India Hikes – India’s largest trekking company offers organised treks and an extensive database of information and videos.

ASICS Running Club – IndiaClub promoting the activity of running in various cities across India and assisting its members to achieve their goals in the sport.

Hope Trust India – Experienced, holistic treatment centre. Gender-sensitive service for men, women and LGBTQ. It also provides counselling and mental health support.

Chaitanya Institute for Mental HealthLeading addiction and psychiatric care centre in Western India (Pune, Goa, Kerala)

The Akal Deaddiction Centre – Addiction treatment centre (Centres in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh)

Moksh India – Treatment for addictions and also mental illnesses. (Nashik)

Naya Savera – De-Addiction Centre in Noida

Roshan Mansukhani An Anger Management therapist using innovative music therapy (Mumbai).

Mumbai Psychiatrics Clinics – Anger management skill development and improved thought processes.

Sexual Violence Against Men – Article from the Legal Service India E-Journal discussing the issue of sexual violence against men in India

MenEngage Alliance – India –  Community campaigns and advocacy working with boys and men for a peaceful society.

Men Against Violence and Abuse – Provides education, capacity building and awareness for boys and men about gender inequality, discrimination and violence in society. 

Men for Gender Justice (The Azad Foundation) – This program aims to increase knowledge and skills for men to act against violence against women and understand topics like masculinity, gender and patriarchy.

 (See also – Men’s Rights)

MeetUp Single Dads Groups India – support and social groups for single fathers in India 

The Village for Single Parents – A support group for single parents in India

Indian Parenting – a resource for parents, including articles, guides, message boards, single-parent advice etc – International resources with articles, guides, support and advice on fathering

MeetUp Newly Divorced Groups – Social and support groups for the newly divorced in India 

MeetUp Divorce Support – Divorce support groups across India 

NOTE – If you can’t find a group near you, you can start a new group on MeetUp to help others in your locality.

Rematch – Community for widowed, divorced, complicated relationships. – An NGO (based in Mumbai) working for Men’s Human Rights and a free society. Local and   National Helplines, counselling and resources are available.

Sahodar – Free legal advice for me. Forum/support group.

Men’s Rights Association – Supporting Men’s Rights & Gender Equality in the community.  

Voice for Men – Articles and information about men’s Rights in India.

Save the Indian Family (SIF) – Group of NGOs involved in Men’s welfare and offer helplines, meetings and resources (See Also associated resources –; Daaman; )

iCall – Free, confidential counselling for anyone all across India offered in a range of Regional languages. Emotional support for callers via chat, email or phone call. 

 Manastha – Online psychologists, therapists and other health professionals available for counselling on an extensive range of issues relevant to men, including relationships, family, career, anger management, addictions, personal growth, spiritual growth, anxiety etc. Service is online via chat, video call or phone call.

Prathyasa – Counselling service for all types of relationships and life problems. (Kerala)

MindWorks Counselling – Counselling service, men’s issues, free testing for mental health problems.

Mindspace Club –  Online counselling available from clinical psychologists who address issues such as job loss, single parenting, bullying, societal pressure, and a range of life, family, health and career issues.

Talk to Angel –Counselling services in India for various life and health issues, including mental health disorders, personality disorders, midlife crises, chronic pain, phobias, LGBTQ, physical health, workplace issues, etc.

Felicity – Counselling and therapy services with a qualified team. Services are via chat, video or audio in Indian Regional languages and English. Help is available for mental health issues, relationships, stress, depression, anxiety, and LGBTQIA+.

AmahaMental health counselling online from a range of health professionals. Services also offer couples counselling, community support and a self-care app. (Banglore)

CareMe HealthOnline counselling for a range of mental health issues. Individual,   couple and group therapy is available. Free assessments are available. Community questions for PTSD, OCD, Relationships, Depression, LGBTQIA+

LGBTQ India Resource – Comprehensive online resource with support groups, shelters, publications and a long list of relevant community information and services

The Humsafar TrustThe Humsafar Trust has been working for LGBTIQA+ rights for over 25 years. The online portal is available with resources and community projects.

Gaysi Family – An online platform for people from the Sub Continent who identify as LGBTIQA+ to share stories and experiences. Lifestyle topics covered and a list of support groups. 

Ya All – Providing advocacy, health education, and research, among other endeavours, for the LGBTQIA community.

Sahodaran – Working for men’s sexual health issues for nearly 25 years, the organisation provides community outreach, media advocacy, legal reform, and education programs (Chennai).

Queerala – The organisation supports the Malayali LGBTIQ community. They provide information in Malayalam and English, and services include a helpline, news and articles, education and support, and showcases the community’s artwork.

LGBTQ Chattisgargh – Provides education and awareness workshops and training on LGBTQ issues across the community. They also organise and host social events.

MeetUp Men’s Social India – A variety of social  groups across India just for men 

Healing Studios – A range of support groups, including stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, body image, weight loss etc., for Indians and NRIs. Group members come from all over India and worldwide. (Mumbai)

Men’s SHGs (Self-Help Groups) – The Indian NGO Network (INN) assists men in forming small self-help community groups in Chennai and surrounding localities.


Non-Resident Indians Online – A list of Indian organisations assisting NRIs in the following countries – the United States, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Greece, Netherlands, Canada, plus the Middle East and Europe.

Maitri – Free service for members of the South Asian community in San Francisco Bay Area. Includes a free helpline and resources in different languages.

See also individual country listingsAustralia · Canada · Dubai/UAE · New Zealand · Pakistan · Philippines · Singapore · South Africa · United Kingdom · United States


Ashwani DeswalLife, corporate and mindfulness coach who also offers a life coach certification program.

Milind JadhavExperienced, certified life coach assisting people with life’s daily challenges.

Satish RaoLife coach and author, offering life coaching and masterclasses.

Sahil Kumar NagpalOffering life coaching, corporate training, workshops and seminars.

Urban Pro – Online Personality Development courses

The Science of Well-Being by Yale University – One of the most popular personal development courses of all time, this free course offered via Coursera covers misconceptions about happiness, expectations, biases and strategies to overcome problems.

MensGroup – An international men’s service that provides support and coaching for relationship breakdowns, communication issues, life purpose and motivation. They hold self-improvement courses and retreats.

IllumanGlobal NGO with programs and groups for men to understand themselves in male-only environments.

Krishnamurthi FoundationExtensive library of books, education and lessons on the philosophy of well-known spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurthi. Small group study retreats designed to learn and escape the daily routines of life operate out of their centre in Chennai.

Isha Yoga Centre – Founded by the popular spiritual guide, Sadhguru, the centre offers programs with various forms of yoga (including yoga for children), a meditation hall, onsite accommodation, events and festivals (Coimbatore).

Vipassana International Academy  – Not for those opposed to strict regimes, the centre offers self-transformation by eliminating the causes of unhappiness (ignorance, craving and aversion). Strict rules, including no talking, are part of the ten-day program (Igatpuri).

Parmarth Niketan – Internationally regarded retreat for various yoga courses and meditation in the Himalayas, following the philosophy of HH Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj. Attend the Ganga aarti in the evening or the annual International Yoga Festival. Some rules apply to the stay at the centre (Rishikesh).

(See also – Books)

Neeraj Chopra – Olympian, Javelin Thrower – A role model for training, fitness, health and commitment.

Parupalli Kashyap – Olympian, Badminton – Badminton is among the most popular sports in India amongst amateur athletes, and Parupalli exudes hard work and professionalism as a top-ranked international player.

Hrithik Roshan – ActorAlthough a naturally physically gifted man, Hrithik provides a great example of how to overcome various life challenges, as well as how to be a gentleman.

Ranveer Allahbadia (Beer Biceps) – Ranveer has a range of businesses. His YouTube channel, geared towards health and lifestyle topics for an Indian audience, has some excellent information and sensible advice on fitness, nutrition and general self-improvement.

Pankaj Advani – Multiple Snooker World Champion, Pankaj competes on the international stage and goes about his sport without fanfare and accolades.

Randeep Hooda – Another person blessed with natural physical traits, Randeep is anti-bulking in the gym and not interested in six-packs. He focuses on core strength, diet and a good attitude.

Rajyavardhan Rathore– Politician/Minister, Former Olympian. Switched from international sports to the demanding domain of politics to work for society.

MS Dhoni, cricketerAn Indian cricket icon, MS Dhoni is the ultimate example of a team player and displayed leadership and a professional and humble manner on and off the field. 

Sunil Chettri, footballeran Indian footballer with international success. Sunil is a role model for so many football fans across the country. 

Virat Kohli, cricketer – Apart from his competitiveness and natural sporting talent, Virat is a great example of taking health, fitness and nutrition as serious elements of his lifestyle. A dedicated sportsman and family man and a role model for millions.

Milind Soman – advocates a healthy, balanced approach to life for men of all ages.

Ratan Tata – India has many successful business people who mentor the younger generations. One such person is Ratan Tata. A highly successful businessman, he is committed to many community development projects and demonstrates humility and professionalism for those who wish to follow his life lessons.

Somdev Devvarman – The former tennis player and now coach was a Gold medal-winning Commweath Games star. He exudes a healthy and fit lifestyle, attaining success at the highest levels in a competitive international sport.

Helpful Resources for Men – NEW ZEALAND

Male Room – 24 hour help line, peer support, counselling, resources and services for men for a variety of topics such as separation, housing, family issues, family court, abuse 

Tautoko Tāne/Male Survivors Aotearoa24 hour helpline for male victims of sexual abuse (chat, email, phone, website); support and resources for a range of issues affecting to men’s health and safety

Essentially Men – Self improvement and social programs for men plus help and resource information, including regional men’s group contact details

Male Support Services Waikato – Support for male victims of abuse

Men and Trauma New Zealand – Support and comprehensive resources for men who have experienced all types of trauma (including LGBTQI+ support)

Menzshed – Social and skill based groups for men supporting men’s health

Man Alive – Counselling and programs for men and boys aiming to improve relationships, specialising in living without violence

Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ – Information and support for prostate cancer

Testicular Cancer NZ – Facebook page for support, education and advocacy for testicular cancer

Tough Talk  – Resources and tools, including short films, focusing on men’s mental health

Gandhi Nivas – Early intervention program for men at risk of causing harm in the family home

Canterbury Men’s Centre – – Men’s specialist counselling service

Helpful Resources for Men – PAKISTAN

Umang Helpline24 hour helpline for mental health support  provided by a team of qualified experts

Willing WaysAddiction and psychiatric centre with Emergency phone numbers for various mental health issues

Crime Victims Services Pakistan – Service to assist victims of crime, including section for male victims 

Youth Helpline – Free helpline – 0800-44488 (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta) or 05811-920334 in Gilgit/Balistan

Amera International – LGBTQI resources

Helpful Resources for Men – PHILIPPINES

NCMH Crisis Help line (1553)24-hour phone support for a range of situations and health issues such as domestic abuse, anxiety, bullying, gambling, grief loneliness, school issues, self-harm, gender and sexual identity, parenting, dementia  etc

Gynecomastia Support GroupFacebook group for men with Gynecomastia

Helpful Resources for Men – SINGAPORE

SAFV Men’s Helplink – Support, counseling, and listening groups for men who are survivors of domestic abuse as well as help for those who want to stop using violence against their partner

Men’s Group Singapore – Support resources, coaching and meetings for men

Incontact Counselling – Offers specialist counselling for men’s issues

Men Matter (Sol Therapy)  – Mental health support through group and individual therapy, specifically designed for men 

Bros Global – Counselling and personal development for men, including mental health and suicide prevention. Includes a list of crisis, emergency, support, mental health and substance abuse resources in Singapore.

The Society of Men’s Health SingaporeAims to foster an encouraging environment for men and tackle men’s well-being in Singapore, including healthy ageing. Offers events, courses and information on men’s health issues.

A Kind Place – Specialist counselling for men, their mental health male life issues

Alliance Counselling – Counselling services for men and mane’s issues

All in the FamilyA men’s counselling service for issues such as family, relationship, health, substance abuse, depression etc 

Helpful Resources for Men – SOUTH AFRICA

MatrixMen – Counselling and support for male survivors of sexual abuse

The ManKind Project – Personal development programs and resources for men

Engage Men’s Health – Offers support and services to gay and bisexual men

Helpful Resources for Men – United Kingdom (UK)

Men’s Health ForumImproving the health of boys and men through advocacy, education and awareness raising, research, training, health advice and information.

Calm (The Campaign Against Living Miserably)  – The service offers a helpline and webchat for crisis support, articles and information about men’s issues, and community events and awareness campaigns.

SamaritansA free 24/7 crisis assistance service via phone, email, letter, in person, or utilise their self-help app.

Helpful Resources for Men – United States (US)

Man Therapy –  a variety of education and resources mainly aimed at men in the United States.

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline – A confidential and free 24/7 crisis helpline in the United States for anyone in distress or who needs to talk to someone. 

Men’s Health Resource Centre – Resources for men on a range of male-health related issues and general heath topics

Face It – Service assisting men to recover from depression

Therapy for Black Men  -Therapy and coaching offering judgment-free assistance and support for mental well-being to black men in need. (Nationwide service).

1 in 6 – 24 hour helpline and information for male survivors of sexual abuse

Men’s Group – Online men’s support groups and self improvement resources for men

Evryman – Service offering personal development groups, programs and resources to help men improve their lives

Men’s Health Network – A non-profit providing health education and awareness for men and boy’s health issues as well as focusing on disease prevention

Movember – Leading charity for men’s health information and advocacy including suicide prevention

Thriveworks – Specialist therapy for men, including help with emotional regulation and communication

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) – Help for survivors of sexual abuse, includes a 24 hour helpline

Meet Up – Men’s Support GroupList of social and support groups for men across the US


menPsyche – Offers information and helpful resources for modern men in a magazine-hybrid format covering topics such as relationships, entertainment, life and style.

GQ India – Indian version of the International, premier men’s lifestyle magazine

Mans World India – Luxury Lifestyle magazine for Indian men, operating since 2000

MensXP – Men’s Lifestyle website for Indian men, covering many topics, including grooming, health and celebrities. 

The Good Men Project – International library of articles about men and modern life dilemmas and relationships.

Men’s Health (Magazine)  – Well-known international magazine addressing many aspects of men’s health, including entertainment, fashion and fitness.

Voice Male Magazine – Explores masculinity and men’s health and self-improvement through a diverse range of contributors.


Men and mental health: Why we need to have more conversations about it (Forbes)

Mental Health Stigma: Indian Men Tell Us Why It’s Hard To Seek Help (Homegrown)

Men’s Mental Health Matters Too: How Patriarchy affects men’s lives (Cadabams Hospitals)

Books for Men

What the Heck do I do with My Life? How to Flourish in Our Turbulent Times A book by the highly accomplished Ravi Venkatesan. Ravi discusses the monumental changes and challenges the world faces in the future, how you can successfully adapt to change and live a more intentional existence.

The Fit Indian – Tackles attitudes and myths towards fitness and what actually works and is required to finally succeed in your fitness journey.

Dear Stranger, you deserve to be loved – A collection of lessons and poems by the well-known poet, author, mental health advocate and podcaster Ashish Bagrecha.

Think Like a Monk – Best-selling book by super popular author Jay Shetty on happiness and positive thinking with helpful, practical tips to lead you towards your best life. 

The Art of Dating for Indian MenA dating guide for Indian men to help you become the guy who attracts the women you want to your life, with tips, tactics and practical dating advice.

Man’s Search for Meaning – A best-selling triumph with almost 50,000 Amazon reviews, this book explores suffering, man’s desire for purpose and what living really means. The author, a psychiatrist who survived the horrors of Auschwitz, made many observations that have translated into knowledge and powerful learning opportunity for all.

The Desi Guide to Dating – A step-by-step guidebook for guys to help you navigate the unique desi environment and the sometimes confusing dating world.

Atomic Habits – The hugely successful international best-selling book with tips, hacks and strategies to help you get out of a rut, break your bad habits and find a few good ones!

12 Rules for Life – An antidote for chaos – Another best-selling success story, this popular book by Jordan Peterson has helped many people worldwide address modern life problems with his 12 rules for life.

Live Before you Die – A guidebook for life from the spiritual author from UP, Neeraj Rai. Neeraj explores negative attitudes, mental barriers, and mastering emotions and then provides details on achieving your greatest dreams.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – One of the best-selling self-help books of all time. Dale Carnegie’s classic guidebook will help you leave a good impression every time, learn the art of conversation, persuade people when you need and ultimately create genuine connections and opportunities in life.

How to become rich – A book about Lakshmi – stories re-told to understand Hinduism, economics, and society.

Sulk or Seize: How to Seize Every Opportunity and Make the Best of Your Life  – A book by Rena Venugopal, who explains self-knowledge is the key to a life of abundance, and the importance of time management and developing good habits.

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Menpsyche has compiled this article for information ONLY. We do not endorse or make guarantees regarding the quality of services and assume no responsibility or liability for outcomes arising from the use of these services. 

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