10 Non-Animated Family Movies That Both Kids and Parents Will Love

by Harsh Kushwah

Non-animated Family movies with my personal recommendations, IMDB reviews, and where to watch it online!

Non-Animated Family Movies

Trying to keep the whole family happy on movie night is a challenge!

Looking for non-animated family movies that everyone can discuss (and will understand) is a great place to start.

One strategy for parents when searching for films to watch with kids is to introduce their children to the classic family movies from their generation.

Kids might see that their parents used to be kids, too!

The movies in this article were hits in their day and have stood the test of time.

Save the list right away!

Non-Animated Family Movies That Both Kids and Parents Will Love

Why Watch Family Movies

I remember the first time I watched Jurassic Park in a theatre.

And I still remember that I jumped on my seat when a Velociraptor grabbed hold of the leg of one of the characters. 

But mainly I remember this movie is that I went along with my Uncle. 

Looking back on that day with my current situation, trying to choose a movie for my nephew and me, I wonder how many parents face similar problems.

It’s not just a parental problem. Older relatives, caretakers, and guardians may also find it challenging to look for a suitable family movie that entertains you and the kids.

Adults compromise when it comes to deciding on a movie. But kids are truth-tellers and difficult to please. If they don’t like it, they will ask you to stop it. Or tell you bluntly that they HATE it.

It’s hard for parents, especially dads, to find films to watch with kids.

And why?


Ryan Reynolds said in an interview that he watched “Frozen” dozens of times with his daughter, and he can’t take it anymore. 

And I don’t blame him. I watched the series Frozen and Frozen 2, and I must admit, I can’t watch it again. There is a limit to which adults can watch Animated movies, I think!

Still, watching movies with kids can be a great way to spend time and make memories or relax on weekends or holidays. 

So, I went to my memory bank and conducted a little research. I compiled a list of Non-Animated Family movies that kids and parents might love. 

I always thought it was beneficial to try and show kids we used to be kids! Classic Movies are one of the best ways to show it. Here are 10- non-animated kids movies everyone can enjoy –

1. Honey! I Shrunk the Kids

Well, back in the day, it was such a great hit. I think it still is. The brilliance of this movie lies in creating a sense of adventure with daily things we take for granted. 

Also, it shows the childish side of any father and his daily parenting struggles with the kids. Most of the time, the family is more interesting than the movie. The film reflects the average, everyday family.

And kids will definitely love this movie. It can easily give new family in-jokes, too. Every dad has in-jokes with his kids. Maybe this can make you create more with yours.

2. Jurassic Park

As I described above, my experience with my Uncle is not the only thing I remember about this movie. This movie made me interested in Dinosaurs, along with the thrill of being among nature. I spent a lot of time in a national park as a kid. 

The exhilaration of being in the wild jungle and being surrounded by ace predators (not humans) is a memorable experience. I remember the kid’s and adults’ reactions in the national park when they saw the tigers. It was just like the movies – the silence, the fear, and the awe. 

Jurassic Park provides a similar experience for kids and parents. It may challenge your notions of existence and put perspective on your position as a human in nature.

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Also, it might give a sense of adventure and make you seek adventurous experiences and vacations with your family. 

Additional Bonus – Jurassic Park has the potential to encourage your kids to get outdoors, enjoy nature and seek thrills, rather than just on screen. (Or it makes them never leave the house again!)

3. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The Lost World: Jurassic Park is the sequel to Jurassic Park. And it does do justice as a sequel. Not many sequels can claim that. 

The daughter-father bond shown in this movie and the love a parent has for their kid is portrayed nicely – all under a backdrop of pre-historic beasts and unforgiving nature.

It is a great family movie to ensure an exciting evening with your children. (if possible, watch with a great sound system).

4. Spy Kids

Word of advice – this movie might make your kids try to solve your adult problems!

Spy Kids is one of the best films to watch with kids. I especially enjoyed the work of the child actors in making it an overall fun film to watch.

I remember the movie as a kid, and I think many men with children might have watched or heard about this film. (It’s a good choice for a re-run, too).

Caution- Your kids might demand Sunglasses after watching this movie.

5. Home Alone Series

As far as films to watch with kids go, the Home Alone series is a perfect choice.

Growing up, many kids plan to become either a pirate, a soldier, a pilot, or a knight. I don’t know why this happens, but kids are more adventurous and look for the role of responsibility. They want to protect the babies, they want to help the parents, and sometimes, they want to deal with the bad guys, even though it is way out of their league.

Even as an adult, when I played games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, etc.. I wondered what I would do if some bad guys took over the city.

I know this sounds childish, but you know you have thought that, too.

If you have similar experiences, you might enjoy this series of movies with your kids.

This series of movies certainly holds a special place for men in their 30s, 40s and even 50s. 

It’s a great series of films to binge over long weekends and holidays.

6. Baby’s Day Out

Babies are cute!

But what if a cute baby could make criminals go crazy? This is one of the best films to watch with kids because of its uniqueness and ability to depict what life is. It’s fun to see a baby chasing what it wants to get while the bad guys get beaten by chance, luck and sheer coincidences.

This family movie might make you see babies in a different way – it makes you wonder what they are really thinking!

It’s an excellent movie recommendation for any family with a baby in their midst.

7. Jumanji (1995)

We all grew up playing board games – Dungeons and Dragons, Monopoly, Backgammon etc. And then came the role-playing video games (MMORPG Video Games) that saw our generation living the characters.

In the midst of this, there was a movie that introduced us to the idea of visualizing the games in real life. 

Jumanji takes everyone on an adventurous ride, with Robin Williams at his best, navigating the wild world, magic, and mystery.

Robin Williams is reason enough to watch this movie with your kids and family. 

8. The Mummy (1999)

Adventurous Dad. Check.

Intelligent Mother. Check.

Third-wheel Uncle. Check.

Innocent yet Naughty kid. Check.

Fantasy, Magic, World in Danger. Check

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This movie is an example of what a family can endure together. Well, what it can’t also. 

With all the twists, conspiracies, prophecies, and ancient magic, this movie takes you to the surreal world of Egypt and the folklore. 

Overall, it’s a fun movie for a family that likes to spend time outdoors, trekking, road trips etc.

Note- it’s NOT the one with Tom Cruise.

9. Mrs. Doubtfire

How many of us had or have a dad who used to fill in mom’s shoes when she was away? 

And how many of us have been brought up by single dads, doing everything for the kids?

We have all heard the stories and seen those great guys who did everything for their kids.

One of our guest authors, Tony, explained through his story that a good father is the one who is there for his kids. 

This movie is a reflection of what a father can do.

Mrs Doubtfire is assuredly one of the best films to watch with kids.

Another gem from Robin Williams, this movie is fun and filled with laughter. It’s not too cheesy or dramatic, just a simple story with beautiful twists.

Sometimes we just want to watch a simple movie with a family, not a lecture on life. 

10. School of Rock

Kids grow up fast. And most of them grow up in schools, more than in front of their parents. 

And every one of them is unique, with challenges and talents, with possibilities and their own demons. 

This non-animated kids movie depicts what a teacher can do for kids raised in “templates” with strict rules and expectations.

Many of us had a teacher who helped us explore concepts outside what our parents taught us. 

Some had a mentor who guided us to shape our identity and make a place for ourselves.

This comedy movie starring Jack Black and a band of school kids (literally) will definitely remind you of your childhood, and find something in common with your own kids.

It might bring you closer to your kids and help them understand their psyches, too.

Non-Animated kids movies

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