Why Tech a Good Gift for Men?

I’m a tech geek, and I won’t apologise.

why tech a good gift for men

I like new gadgets and technology – there, I said it!

In the age of minimalism and negative sentiment about technology ‘interfering’ in our daily lives, it feels somewhat sacrilege to admit my love affair with technology.

I admit I even like technology if it doesn’t work. I mean, for instance, wearables that no one wears. I still like the ‘idea’ of it. It’s the coolness and innovation I like. And I know I’m not the only one.

best gift ideas for men

Why Tech matters to Guys

It’s all about a ‘new frontier’. About owning something cutting edge; the latest, if not the greatest. In a world we are trying to please everyone, this is one domain where we can definitely please someone – ourselves.

I feel protective about my technology. I want to defend it. If the house was on fire, I know what I’m taking first (yes, people first, then gadgets).

why tech a good gift for men

What does Tech say about You

The choice of gadget and the options you choose says something about you. It may not be meaningful, but it speaks about a part of you.

The brand of technology is akin to the brand of a woman’s handbag. Also, the colour is a big one. And extra features and add-ons, new versions and models etc. 

It’s not the stuff of a first date chat, but it’s the stuff that can light up a guy’s face like nothing else. And it’s not just personal gadgets either. Check out my recommendations as some useful gift ideas for men.

World of Technology

Tesla, SpaceX, Defence and military technology, artificial intelligence, Formula One – all of it turns me on!

Innovation and new concepts are very, very sexy. Something no other brain has ever thought of and executed before. And if the washing machine we buy has a very cool panel of flashing lights, I am way more likely to use it (well, that’s what I tell my partner).

The Species of Machines

If we think of machines as species, we start to attribute ‘characteristics’ to them, and we then begin to relate to the machines differently. Do we enjoy the control we have over them? They can be programmable and predictable.

There is something satisfying in knowing a machine is designed to complete a particular action.  Dependability in a world of unpredictability; some order in the chaos. (Although anyone who has sat on the side of the road in winter, in a broken-down car, will attest to the frustration of having faith in a machine!)

There are limitations to machines and technology, just like us simple humans.

Artificial intelligence – indeed!

A hot topic in the world of the latest technology is Artificial Intelligence. Is ‘intelligence’ an obsolete notion? The world seems to be all about marketing, messages and brand these days. But is intelligence, artificial or otherwise, helping the average person these days?  The size of your butt is becoming a better indicator of your success (although I absolutely agree that if you can make money off your derriere, that demonstrates intelligence).

The smarter you are, the more you realize what the hell is going on in the world! And that’s not always a good thing. Can we really take advantage of machines thinking for us?  Doesn’t it depend on the data they are ‘fed’? Aren’t they being fed the same data as we are, albeit in unprecedented volumes?

The thing is, I love technology, and I would love for the full potential of the latest creations to be realised – but, and there is a but…

I don’t really care. What I really want is technology all around me. I want the buzzing excitement and EMF in my zone.

why tech a good gift for men
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