5 Cool Electronic Gadget Gifts for him

Below are our picks on cool electronic gadget gifts for him that you won’t regret to buy.

Cool Electronic Gadget Gifts for him

You cannot go wrong by gifting the man in your life an up-to-date piece of technology. It is a guaranteed way to make his day! If there is one definitive way to make a guy happy, it’s gifting him a gadget!

Wanna know why? Hear from a man itself. Read: Why Tech a Good Gift for Men.

You cannot go wrong by gifting the man in your life an up-to-date piece of technology. It is a guaranteed way to make his day.

1. Smart Watch

Our Pick – Noise Evolve 3 Smart Watch

cool electronic gadget gifts for him- smartwatch

Modern guys are into health and fitness, the best way to motivate someone these days is to encourage them with a great smartwatch.

The Noise Evolve Smart Watch is one of the best tech gifts for men that has a full touch screen display and can record an impressive number of health metrics, such as –

  • Steps
  • Stress 
  • Calories 
  • Sleep 
  • SpO2 
  • Heart rate
  • Activity 
  • Distance 

All this is in addition to the usual smartwatch functions of managing phone calls, messages, alarms, reminders etc. If he likes using apps for self-improvement and care, he would love this too.

The smartwatch has a very ‘wearable’ look, super stylish design and lightweight feel. The watch face is customizable (over 150 designs available).

Be careful – this gift might be “borrowed” by someone in your family…

2. Wireless Earpods

Our Choice – Boat Airdopes 131 DC Edition

cool electronic gadget gifts for him- earpods

These wireless Earpods may not be the best gift choice if you ever want the guy in your life to listen to you again! With 12 hours of non-stop music, he might be lost in his enjoyable world for most of the day.

The earpods are very stylish and comfortable too. The sound quality will impress him, and he will be ever grateful for your thoughtful gift.

He can now listen to his favourite songs or accept phone calls at work – a practical and cool tech gift!

3. Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Our Choice – JBL Flip 5

cool electronic gadget gifts for him

Whether it’s a house party, festival time or movie night, one of the best tech gifts for men and a gadget-geek you can give is a pumping Bluetooth speaker.

The neighbours might not be that impressed, but you won’t be able to hear their protests over your new superior sound.

JBL is a super popular brand and offers great features with this product, like 12 hours of playtime and the ability to pair multiple JBP speakers for the ultimate sound.

The speaker is waterproof, in case you want to dance away in the monsoon rains, and a durable fabric cover that comes in 11 colour choices protects your new favourite speakers.

4. Gaming Mouse: definitely a cool Electronic Gadget Gifts for Him

Our Choice – Logitech Lightspeed Wireless gaming mouse

cool electronic gadget gifts for him- gaming mouse

The quality of the gaming experience comes down to a few critical elements (yes, one element is being allowed to take over a whole room in the house just for yourself). But quality accessories can make or break the experience.

This mouse is a gadget that makes any game much more enjoyable. Features include –

  • Excellent battery life with 240 hours of usage on just two AA batteries in ‘lightspeed’ mode – or over five months in Bluetooth mode.
  • Dual mode scrolling, switching between hyper-fast and ratcheted scrolling.
  • Programmable controls with 15 modes, including six thumb buttons; fully programmable with G HUB software.
  • Switch between convenient Bluetooth and ultra-fast 1 ms lightspeed advanced wireless technology with dual connectivity functionality
5. Wireless Beard Trimmer

Our Choice – Philips BT3231/15 Smart Beard Trimmer

cool electronic gadget gifts for him- beard trimmer

Let’s face it; we guys are hairy. What an annoying burden it can sometimes be to maintain all that hair! It’s a daily struggle. But a gadget can change all that. Enter the beard trimmer! Suddenly, it’s fun to groom yourself daily. 

It’s an ideal choice to gift something to your dad or any man so to speak. Philips is one of the world’s best-known brands. Their BT3231-15 model trimmer has many features:

  • including good performance when used on charging. A battery indicator lets you know the charging status. 
  • The ‘power adapt sensors’ can track the beard density in a split second to provide constant power and precise cutting.
  • And best of all, it can tackle thick hair.

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