Fall Outfits for Men: 8 Must-Have Pieces to Look Confident!

By Rose Morley

fall outfits for men

When summer is over, we wave goodbye to our linen shirts and cotton t-shirts as autumn is here. 

The issue that arises for some guys is that you never know what to wear. It isn’t quite woolly jumper weather as the weather is relatively mild. It isn’t warm enough for a thin jacket and T-shirt either.

Finding what to wear during autumn isn’t the easiest decision for a man. 

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You have to choose clothes that will keep you cool but also dry. Usually, there is no in-between. 

Nevertheless, there are some quintessential fall outfits for men that every man must own during the fall.

1. Work Pants

fall outfits for men - work pants

The first thing you need to pick is a good pair of work pants. It can either be the typical pair of chinos which are slightly thicker than suit pants. 

Pants are the perfect smart-casual attire that is required during autumn. However, there are other types of pants which you can wear. 

Many men are now wearing Carhartt or dickies pants which are the right thickness.

Furthermore, you can find these in vintage clothes stores for an affordable price. 

All you need to do is complete your look with a pair of workwear boots and you have the perfect outerwear. 

2. Long Jackets

fall outfits for men - long jackets

A long jacket is something else that you need during autumn. 

It needs to be long enough to cover most of your thigh and also needs to be waterproof. 

A long jacket has always been the look as well. All you need to do is look back to the 90s when Liam Gallagher was rocking around.

long jacket for men to wear in autumn

A high-quality trench coat is something you won’t regret spending money on. Yes, it will put you out of pocket for a month, however, if you spend enough money on it, it will last you for several years.

Additionally, you can wear over layers underneath without it making you feel like you are suffocated. 

3. Fall Outfits for Men: Heavyweight Sweaters

fall outfits for men - sweaters

Sweaters are something you will love during autumn and one sweater won’t be enough. 

The right sweater is perfect for the office and when you are out with friends at the weekend. 

Plus, it is the perfect extra layer for the inside when you don’t want to put on the central heating. 

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Whether it is a hoodie or a sweater, you must ensure you have multiple in your wardrobe. 

Hoodies are more suitable for a casual outfit however, they can be worn as smart casual attire. 

Sweaters are perfect for fall outfits for men in the office when you need to put on an extra layer.

4. Mid-Wash Jeans
fall outfits for men - mid wash jeans

Next on the list of fall outfits for men is mid-wash jeans and these are the perfect colour for autumn. 

It is a combination of light blue and dark indigo jeans (although you could wear a grey or black mid-wash too).

Furthermore, they look great when worn with a dark or brown, another great colour for autumn. 

Many brands sell high-quality jeans and again, it is worth the investment. 

If you spend less than $50 on a pair of jeans, you can expect them to fade very quickly. 

You will also see a bit of wear and tear by the end of winter. 

A favourite for many guys is Levi’s, but there are so many choices these days.

You can expect high-quality jeans that will last you longer than three years which is exactly what you want with a pair of jeans. 

5. Heavyweight Flannel Shirts

Next on the list is a collection of heavyweight flannel shirts. 

The reason why we say collection is because you can never have enough flannel shirts in your wardrobe. 

Additionally, they are great for multiple occasions. That includes the office for a nice, smart casual look, perfect for autumn. 

You have two options when wearing a flannel shirt. The first option is to button the shirt up with nothing underneath. 

The other option is to wear it like it is an overshirt. Then wear a basic T-shirt underneath. 

6. Heavyweight T-Shirts

fall outfits for men - heavyweight tshirts

Now that we have gone through heavyweight overshirts, now it is time for heavyweight t-shirts. 

Your summer t-shirts are no longer suitable for colder months which is why you need a good few heavyweight t-shirts as well. 

There are many different styles of T-shirts that you can add to your collection of fall outfits for men.

Both oversized and regular fits are suitable for the slightly colder months. 

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We also recommend you buy at least three different T-shirts which are all different colours. 

Maybe choose a white, black and then a khaki coloured tee as these are easy to style with other colours. 

7. Pair Of Boots

It is safe to say that Autumn is no longer the time of year to be wearing low-rise trainers. 

Autumn is a very wet month and you can guarantee that trainers won’t keep your feet dry. 

However, a pair of Captain or Chelsea boots will guarantee to keep your feet dry. 

A pair of Chelsea boots are great for levelling up your style and keeping up with modern trends. 

Plus, those mid-wash jeans that we mentioned earlier also look great with a pair of Chelsea boots. 

Just finish the outfit with a minimalist smartwatch to create the ultimate autumnal outfit. 

For those cold rainy days, you need good quality boots that will keep your feet warm and dry. 

Don’t try to be cheap when buying a pair either. You need to make sure you are buying quality for the last many autumn and winter months. 

8. Loungewear 

A simple, comfortable, and stylish choice in fall outfits for men is loungewear.

All you need is a men’s full tracksuit which is comfortable to sit on the sofa all day. 

So you can put away your twin set as it is no longer suitable for the colder temperatures. 

Remember, autumn is essentially about adding another layer to your outfit. 

You don’t need to opt for much thicker materials as you will be too warm. 

If you wear a thicker T-shirt or jumper, make sure to wear something less thicker to ensure you don’t get too warm. 

To Conclude

Autumn weather can be just plain weird and can cause major wardrobe confusion, especially when you’re trying to put together the perfect fall outfits for men.

Nevertheless, the style is your own and you can end up with a great outfit. 

Some of the clothes you wear in autumn can also be worn in winter if it is a slightly warmer day. 

fall outfits for men

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