How Modern Men can raise resilient kids in these 3 ways

How Modern Men can raise resilient kids

Do you feel that the world is going crazy and your kids won’t have the resilience or skills to deal with things in the future? Are you afraid that no matter how much you try to protect your kids, you still can’t save them from the bad times?

If these are some of the questions you often think about as a parent, then you are not alone. Many men worry about the ills of the modern world. As fathers, brothers, sons and friends, they are worried about everyone in their family. Even as teachers and mentors, the worries are similar for the students. 

So the question arises: How Modern Men can raise resilient kids? We explore this below.

With growing crime rates and societal upheavals, the worries are understandable. Building resilience can help kids deal with problems in life and prepare them to act in times of crisis.

Warrior Mentality

Raised to think of war as violent, many do not realize war is more than battles. It’s not just the violence. It’s survival of the fittest, strongest and fastest in the competitive world. 

How Modern Men can raise resilient kids- warrior mentality

Moreover, now it entails survival of the weakest, loneliest and slowest too. In modern times, survival is based more on mental capabilities – Mental fitness, strength and speed.

How Modern Men can raise resilient kids

Therefore one of the best tips to build emotional resilience in kids is to impart warrior mentality.

What does that mean? It means living with honour, integrity and compassion, standing up for what’s right, protecting the weak, courage in hard times, honesty and truthfulness.  These are some of the characteristics of warriors that you can instil in your kids. These qualities are how your kids will survive and flourish.

When the world is full of narcissistic and selfish people, a warrior mentality can help your kids to carve their own paths and fend off the damage.

It’s about recognising what’s right, standing up for what’s right and learning actions and Decision-making skills. 

Possessing courage, integrity and honesty in tough times will help kids build character and their own robust moral compass. These qualities will enable them to be self-dependent and capable, especially in their hour of need.

Patience and Perseverance

How Modern Men can raise resilient kids

With modern information technology connecting kids to the world, everything they want in the world is just a click away. All this can make them (and some adults) impatient and anxious to meet their needs all the time. They expect everything now!

How Modern Men can raise resilient kids

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For future success, it is essential to encourage qualities like patience and perseverance. Those who can’t resist instant gratification will suffer in the long run.

Patience can help them to control their emotions, guide their actions, and make strategic and tactical decisions. It allows them to gain power over their mind and make them less susceptible to the manipulative natures of others. It also helps them to learn the value of time and place and allows them to take advantage of this capability.

Teaching your kids perseverance can help them to make better decisions and even sustain them through hard times. Building their character and modern skills will play a role in good decision-making during any crisis.

Try setting tasks that take time, take patience and skill. When they fail, you can encourage them to keep going to learn the lesson, not complete the task successfully.

Time Management

One of the most mismanaged assets in the world is time.

Teaching the value of time can help your kids immensely throughout their life. It will allow them to plan and execute with better insights and clarity. Time management can allow them to accomplish many goals and learn valuable skills.

For personal and professional success, a child who understands the importance of time in their life will have an advantage. They will tend to approach tasks in their life with the right mindset. It’s not all about money. Time is the one thing you cannot acquire.

In order to teach these skills, it is better to show them by doing this yourself. Kids learn from their parent’s actions, not just words. Teaching by doing gives them a better understanding of these ideas.  It gives them a benchmark from which they can develop their own. 

And after all, if my parents think it’s important, then I will too.

Time and using time wisely is one of the most valuable tools for success in life. A resilient child will better understand the nature of the world around them. They will be able to withstand the complexities of modern living.

So show them the way and build a resilient child.

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