Garlic Benefits for Men, Sexually and otherwise!

by Jennifer Richardson

Tap into the garlic benefits for men: sexual health, sperm quality, stamina, and drive. Find out how much to eat for maximum benefits.

garlic benefits for men sexually and otherwise

If you are looking for something to boost your sex drive that actually has a whole host of other health benefits (and tastes pretty amazing!) then we have found the ingredient for you.

Introducing the popular superfood –  Garlic!

Used across the world over centuries, it’s a super tasty ingredient and the reported garlic benefits for men are impressive. 

Keep reading to see why you may want to add garlic to your diet for the potential sexual benefits for men’s health too.

Why is Garlic a Superfood?

The fact that so many different cultures have included garlic in the diet over a long period suggests there was something about garlic that made noticeable improvements in people’s health.

And since those times, many studies have shown garlic to contain some potent and impressive medicinal benefits.

Garlic contains substances called ‘organosulphur’ compounds.

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It also contains enzymes, which are proteins that enhance chemical reactions and metabolism in the body, minerals and other amino acids.

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The compounds in garlic are what make it a true superfood. Here’s a breakdown of some of the main components found in those little tasty garlic cloves –


The primary compound in garlic that studies have shown to be involved in numerous health benefits is allicin.

The enzyme allinase is activated when garlic is crushed or cut and this enzyme produces allicin.

The list of health concerns positively affected by this compound is long and includes lowering blood pressure and many ‘anti’ functions such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, antilipidemic, anti-asthmatic etc.

S-Allyl Cysteine (SAC)

Another organosulfur compound, SAC has been studied and associated with improved health outcomes, largely due to its antioxidant properties.

Interestingly, it is highly bioavailable (close to 100% absorption) when taken orally by the GI (gastrointestinal) tract.

SAC has been linked to a number of disease and anti-aging mechanisms.

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Diallyl Disulfide (DADS)

Like its friends above, DADS are a primary compound in garlic with biological relevance to many diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, inflammation, neurological etc.

Apart from these organosulfur compounds, garlic benefits for men can be found in other components such as important minerals, such as germanium (garlic has higher amounts of this compound than tea or ginseng!).

 Another benefit of Garlic – it’s very low-calorie!

Sexual Benefits of Garlic for Men

Improved Sperm Quality & Fertility

The benefits of garlic intake for men have been linked to increased fertility and sperm quality.

This may be due to properties such as selenium and B vitamins such as pyridoxine ( vitamin B6). Both of these compounds play a part in testicular health, which in turn may lead to improved sperm production and health. (Allicin has also been linked to healthy reproductive organs and sperm health). 

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Erectile Dysfunction

An extremely difficult health challenge some men encounter is Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Garlic benefits for men include improved blood flow – which is one of the contributing factors to the condition.

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Increased nitric oxide levels, associated with improved blood flow and blood vessel function are linked to some of the properties found in garlic.

Increase Testosterone

Some studies on testosterone and garlic have shown a positive correlation.

As previously mentioned, the compound DADS may play an important role. The compound is involved in stimulating the testes to produce testosterone.

Other properties of garlic may play a part in testosterone levels  –

  • The possible cortisol-lowering effects of allicin. Cortisol can impact testosterone levels
  • Antioxidant properties that, among other effects,  lower blood sugar levels
  • Lower blood sugar levels from lower cortisol impact testosterone levels

Increase Sexual Drive & Libido

No one can blame a guy (or anyone!) for searching for an elusive ingredient that will increase their libido when it’s in the doldrums.

There are some limited references to a connection between garlic and its many powerful properties, and increased sex drive in men.

With the potential effect on testosterone by some of the properties in garlic, and the overall health improvement (see below), compounds in garlic may play a role in increasing men’s libido.

Physical Health Improvements

Fitness and stamina are important to a healthy fulfilling life. And sexual health can be improved along with these important health markers.

Some of the compounds in garlic may benefit men’s health and therefore sexual health such as elements like allicin and B vitamins involved in muscle activity, recovery, strength and stamina.

Garlic is a benefit for men in more areas than only sexual health.

General Garlic benefits for men

Besides the potential sexual benefits, you might wonder, What does garlic do for a man? considering overall well-being. Well, here, we’ll explore some everyday health concerns that have reported positive benefits from garlic and its properties:

  • Immunity 
  • Inflammation
  • Weight Loss
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Blood Clotting
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol Levels
  • Detoxification
  • Dementia
  • Digestion
  • Skin Health
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Cancer 
  • Ulcers

As a food with a long history of use across cultures and being widely studied, it is easy to see the potential positive benefits of garlic for men’s health.

How Much Garlic Should You Consume?
chart that shows how much garlic to consume available in different forms

Although the amount of garlic people should take has not been quantified, the following guidelines (based on research) are as follows:

(Note – The amount of garlic to consume per day depends on the form you take).

  • Raw, fresh garlic (Adults) – 4g, which is approximately one to two cloves.
  • Dried Garlic Powder Tablet: 1 x 300mg (2-3 times per day)
  • Garlic Extract (aged): 7.2g

Before changing your diet or adding supplements, particularly if you have a health condition,  consult your health professional to ensure safe use.

The Best Way to Take Garlic

The smell of garlic cooking is one of the most mouth-watering aromas to emanate from any kitchen!

Garlic can be taken as a supplement, however, there are other ways to incorporate it into your diet.

It might take some experimentation to see what works for you. Some reports show raw and cooked garlic to be most effective.

Preparing fresh, chopped garlic and leaving for a few minutes is recommended by some to optimise the enzymes from acllicin.

If you do not like, or cannot tolerate raw garlic, then cooking might be more suitable.

Here are some of the best ways to take garlic for health –

garlic benefits for men

Garlic Tea

I must admit this one does not immediately sound like something enjoyable. 

However, it’s supposed to be like a medicinal soup rather than high tea!

Just boil some crushed garlic cloves in water, and add a few extras (like honey) if you need them.


We are not suggesting you swallow  a couple of bulbs whole here, but raw garlic can be eaten a number of ways –

Note – As mentioned earlier, some of the potent compounds in garlic are only activated when garlic is cut or crushed.

  • Blended in a vegetable juice combination
  • Added on top of dips and sauces
  • Incorporated into  bruschetta (tomato, basil and bread)
  • Mixed through salad or pasta

Raw garlic may not be tolerated by everyone. Consult your health professional if any adverse reactions occur.


adding garlic in heated oil garlic benefits for men,can garlic increase sexual drive,What does garlic do for a man?

Garlic can literally be added to almost any dish! (okay, maybe not dessert).

But it compliments so many savoury dishes across so many cuisines, that it is easy to enjoy regularly.

Again, some report that it might destroy the beneficial properties of garlic if it is heated too high, however, it might be the case of experimenting yourself, as there is conflicting advice about cooking preparation.


A relatively easy way to add more garlic to your diet is by adding minced garlic to an oil e.g. olive oil. The flavour will be infused through the oil and can be used in a wide variety of dishes.

Helpful & Important Tips 

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Garlic Breath

Yep – we’ve all been there. Not really a side effect you want when talking about improving men’s sexual health!

Occasional garlic breath can be tolerated, but if you take garlic daily, you might find it’s a persistent problem.

Try toning it down with the following: lemon, honey or apple cider vinegar and water.

You might also try different ways of taking garlic (raw, cooked, tea, oil or supplements).

Safe Use

To ensure the safe use of garlic ask your health professional about possible side effects, interaction with medicines or impact on existing illnesses.

Some people may be allergic to garlic, so be on the lookout for signs (hives, asthma, inflamed nose).

Garlic Benefits for Men – FAQs

What does garlic do for a man?

Garlic has powerful properties associated with numerous benefits for a wide range of health conditions.

Men may specifically benefit from the daily intake of garlic for sexual health issues such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction and fertility issues.

Various properties found in garlic are reported to increase blood flow and improve blood vessels and it affects hormones in the body such as lowering cortisol, improving blood sugar and impacting testosterone, which can all impact men’s sexual health.

Is garlic good for sperm?

Certain compounds in garlic have been associated with improved sperm quality and production.

Minerals and vitamins such as selenium and pyridoxine( vitamin B6) have a role in testicular health, and therefore sperm production.

The key compound in garlic, allicin, is also linked to sperm health and overall men’s reproductive function.

How much garlic should a man eat a day?

There is no definitive amount of garlic proven to be  optimal for men however research on garlic and it’s compounds suggests the following –

4g of raw garlic which is approximately one to two cloves.
1 x 300mg (2-3 times per day) of Dried Garlic Powder Tablet
7.2 g of Garlic Extract (aged)

Can Garlic make a man last in bed?

Garlic is associated with improved muscle function and increased stamina in men.

In regards to sexual stamina, erectile function may be improved by taking garlic as compounds found in garlic are associated with increased blood flow and improved blood vessels, which can be a contributing factor in erectile dysfunction.

Can Garlic Increase Sexual Drive?

Some research suggests there might be a link between garlic and increased libido in men.
Improvements in overall health can impact sex drive, specifically compounds in garlic that improve testosterone.


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