Best Places to Travel Solo for Men with 8 Unique Themes

By Jennifer Richardson

best places to travel solo

Have you ever thought about going it alone on your next travel adventure?

I don’t know about you, but travel is one of the main ways I choose to spend my time and money.

But going solo is not everyone’s first thought of a good time on a vacation.

I mean, who are you going to talk to? What’s the benefit of alone? What are the reasons a guy might consider this style of travel?

menPsyche likes to explore the mind (and mindsets) of guys to help men find their best life.

We therefore recommend you read on to learn why a solo trip could be one of your wisest decisions.

And once you take the plunge, you’ll need destination inspiration. Check out our innovative themed suggestions below to satisfy every guy.

Why Solo Travel is Important for Men

We all have responsibilities and obligations. But let’s be honest – men are not so good at looking after their health, asking for help or taking a break.

Check out these statistics –

  • Men visit the doctor less than women;
  • More men than women die from almost every health condition (non-sex-specific diseases);
  • Suicide affects more men than women.

Source –

Negative ideas about masculinity do not help the situation either. Thoughts, such as it’s ‘weak’ to ask for help, can deter men from benefiting from early detection, intervention and treatment.

So, what’s all this got to do with solo travel?

Well, it’s about taking control of your life and prioritising yourself amongst all the obligations (even for a weekend). It might also be about learning something about your true capabilities.

With so many men not seemingly concerned about their health, maybe solo travel could be an acceptable and achievable way to get a break and focus on yourself.

There are benefits beyond better health –

  • Achievement – Visit a lifelong bucket list destination or experience
  • Social – Meet new people
  • Creativity – Use the break to foster creativity for your next business or hobby venture
  • Test Limits – Push your limits and learn what you are capable of
  • Personal – Enjoy your own company so you don’t unnecessarily rely on others to meet your needs

🚤BONUS TIP – Consider keeping a journal on your next solo trip and turning that into a book!

There are many more reasons to travel by yourself. You may have to find your own reason. And when you do, why not try our unique list of best places to travel solo for Men?

Utquiagvi – US

best places to travel solo for young men

🧳Solo Travel Theme – “To find connection with nature and the self”

The secluded location and wild natural landscapes affords any traveller an unforgettable experience.

And if you’re going to go it alone, why not fully embrace the feeling of isolation. Block out the world with the challenge of an Alaskan solo trip.

Utquiagvi is as far North as you can travel in the US.

Man loves fire and likes catching things with his bare hands (well, he used to, anyway).

Check out Season 4 of True Detective to see the landscape you can experience.

But you don’t have to go all ‘Bear Grylls’ though.

Why not meet up with like-minded travellers whilst you wander on your own, unique itinerary.

Alaska does offer the opportunity for true solitude and a survivalist-style experience. However, you could also explore in the day and return to a five-star luxury retreat – it can still be a worthwhile solo experience where you get to unwind and focus on yourself.

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Melbourne – Australia

best solo travel destinations

🧳Solo Travel Theme – “To explore different worlds together- fun, sports and culture”

Okay, I am biased here. I do know Melbourne quite well.

But the more I travel, the more I appreciate what my home town has to offer the solo traveller.

The thing about Melbourne is – it’s so easy!

Sometimes, you don’t want to haggle, or get lost or struggle finding food that won’t test your digestive tract.

Melbourne is one of the world’s most diverse cultural cities and a foodie Mecca. It’s also a sports, nature lovers and wine-lovers paradise for tourists.

It has seaside and mountains, snow and waves.

You can see a Grand Prix, a Grad Slam or catch a world-class live performance or art exhibition  (or simply relax in a resort or retreat in the many local weekend getaways).

Melbourne is an ideal destination for a guy travelling solo as it can cater to almost any travel requirement and meet many a bucket list fantasy.

You do not always want to get away from it all. If you work from home or live a quiet life, a city break might be more what you seek.

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Athens – Greece
travel athens alone

🧳Solo Travel Theme – “The stoics – To find a balance through the knowledge of an ancient civilization.”

Athens hosts about double the number of tourists compared to its population every year.

You won’t feel alone on your solo trip in this ancient city and holiday favourite.

What a city like Athen offers is something unique – a chance to explore a city where some of civilisation’s most significant artistic and intellectual ideas took shape.

One of those philosophies, stoicism, provides a useful framework for today’s man, struggling with meaning, purpose and balance.

You may observe, as you explore ancient sites, how things have not changed much over the centuries. What worked back then for a resilient mindset still seems to works today.

(Once you’ve delved into the history of Athens, you could switch gears and head to your choice of some of the best holiday destinations in the world – The Greek Islands, full of their own culture, history and some of the best food and beaches you will find anywhere. I still dream about the seafood in Crete!).

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The Shetland Islands – Scotland
travel alone to the shetlands islands

Solo Travel Theme – “The cold and rugged terrain with calmness – the warrior mindset required for a modern ‘war’ ”

Now it’s time to call upon your inner Viking, sport a skullet, and get in touch with the warrior within!

The stunning landscape in Scotland’s Shetland Islands is perfect to escape the noise of modern life and ‘feel’ the nature around you.

Islands sometimes have a unique appeal and add to the feeling of isolation, making it perfect for a solo trip for a guy who wants to (momentarily) escape.

(If you want a taste of the local scene, check out the well-made television show Shetland).

Scotland has a fascinating history. 

The Shetland Islands are home to an almost unmatched Viking heritage, with many traces of history still apparent around the Islands today. The Islands host the annual Fire Viking Festivals to honour their history.

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Udaipur – India

travel solo desination udaipur

🧳Solo Travel Theme – “Explore an understated style of this ‘Bond’ city.”

The entire country is worth a solo trip, but the city of Udaipur in the country’s north-western state of Rajasthan (“Land of Kings”) holds a certain fascination for many tourists.

For any guy who wants to experience a unique blend of history and culture in India with a ‘European’ vibe and a slower pace of life than other places in India, the ‘White City’ should be on your solo travel bucket list.

The lakes of Udaipur are its main drawcard, and for those Bond enthusiasts, it’s the location of the 1983 Octopussy movie.

Apart from its inherent beauty, the region has a rich history and legendary warrior figures feature in many tours of the city.

The problem with this destination is – you may not want to leave.

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Kyoto – Japan

best solo travel destinations

🧳Solo Travel Theme – “The template of the modern Tokyo, is the foundation of Kyoto; Innovation can be found in Old Philosophy.”

‘The Land of the Rising Sun’ could hit the spot as a solo travel destination for a guy looking for ancient wisdom and the new world.

Kyoto is an ancient city in Japan, a former capital, and the place of a famous Samurai battle.

It’s hard not to get swept up in the history of this picturesque city. From the charming back laneways to the imposing imperial mountain-top structures, Tokyo could almost be any modern metropolis, but Kyoto ‘feels’ like Japan.

There is so much to see and do, all wrapped up in a modern, polite, and easy society to travel.

The rest of Japan also offers so much to see. Take your pick from these varied experiences –

  • Shinkansen
  • Anime
  • Sumo
  • Food
  • Mt. Fuji
  • Gadgets
  • Skiing
  • Historical sites
  • And scenic landscapes, to name a few.

The philosophies might be ancient, but the infrastructure around Japan is first-class.

I remember shopping below Kyoto station in the day, checking out the history on the nearby hills in the afternoon and sipping drinks by a canal in the evening.

See How to Look Cool on Long Haul Flights.

Kyoto makes it on the menPsyche Men’s Solo Travel list as an ideal place to see the best of the ‘old’ and ‘new.’

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Almaty – Kazakhstan

travel solo destination inspiration for men

🧳Solo Travel Theme – “Take the mind to an unknown place to expand horizons.”

This entry may not be on everyone’s travel bucket list – but perhaps it should.

For those who have been to all the usual suspects, consider a solo trip to the diverse land of Kazakhstan.

Located in Central Asia, Kazakhstan offers a unique option for travellers with a diverse cultural experience.

Experiencing four seasons, there is something for almost everyone, including great skiing and snow sports.

For the bird watchers, there are hundreds of species in Khazakstan.

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Waikato region – New Zealand


🧳Solo Travel Theme – “Explore ‘Middle Earth’, in a pristine landscape.”

New Zealand has been the ‘darling’ destination for the odd millionaire and billionaire wanting to buy a piece of what is regarded as one of the world’s most idyllic and safe environments.

The charm and diversity do not need much promotion – it’s a world-renowned tourist destination for everyone.

But as the home of ‘Middle Earth’ from the Lord of the Rings, the Waikato region holds a unique place to explore as a man unencumbered, except for his backpack.

This is a place to see and do ‘it all’ – caving, surfing, hiking, kayaking, cycling and movie location exploration.

For those enchanted by the Tolkien world, there is no better place than this heartland of the famous and much-loved books, movies and characters.

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