Create your Signature Style- Style Tips For Men

signature style tips for men

Have you ever thought about creating your Signature Style?

Do you know what a signature style is? Two of the most consistent examples in recent times have been Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs.

signature style tips for men- steve's outfit

Signature style is when you become known for one particular look. You might wear the same exact outfit every day (like a uniform) or some variation of the overall style.  And it’s a style that defines your identity; a shirt in your most flattering color, cool tie and jeans; or a loafer with chino pants. 

It is whatever defines YOUR style. ‘Style’ in this context also extends to your grooming, hairstyle and accessories too.

Cut from the Same Cloth

Imagine going to your wardrobe and finding ten copies of exact same shirt. This will either horrify someone or delight someone depending on their attitude to fashion. Who said you had to have a variety of clothing anyway?

If you become synonymous with just one look, how can that be a bad thing? So why don’t you take that favourite t-shirt of yours and buy multiple copies. You will then have the “favourite t-shirt” feeling all the time! Why not feel good and confident every day?

This change has the potential to simplify your life greatly. It can assist you to approach your day to day activities by enhancing your confidence and comfort, wherever you go. One issue you may face will be that of criticism or comment from others wondering ‘why you have no clothes.’ Be brave, be strong. After a few months they will start to see that it’s part of you now.  You are not your clothes. You have a point of view, a vision of the world and yourself.

People will criticise your clothes no matter what you wear, so you may as well please yourself at least!

Decision Inertia

One of the reasons the billionaires give for developing the signature style of dressing is to lessen the sheer volume of decisions they have to make every day. One less decision they have to make, out of the thousands or even millions, balancing their billions. To bring it to the level of us mortal beings, it probably makes even more sense.

Simplifying choice doesn’t mean boring. It just means that you streamline one part of your life rather than ‘seasonalise’ yourself all the time, fed by commercial interests. Why change clothes every day? For what? (ok, yes, cleanliness).

In the past, it was mainly the wealthy who used to dress for every occasion. That became one of the Signatures of the Perceived Rich. With that came the symbols or brands of clothes worn by the perceived rich. However, it is now the richest ones on the planet who do the OPPOSITE and spend very little on fashion and style. These days it’s considered bad form anyway to buy too much onto ‘fast fashion’ or frequent, cheap purchasing.

Benefits of Signature Style

Even though the cost of clothes can be significantly reduced and calculated, the true value of time savings can’t be quantified by following your own signature style.

It can give you time to direct your energy to more productive and creative pursuits. Think of what else you could be thinking about once your image and clothes are no longer an issue. It opens up the door to a whole host of possibilities – new hobbies, skills, leisure time, or just more sleep in the mornings!

You can also improve your image greatly with a Signature Style. If you buy better quality clothes, the overall impact on your appearance and impression you give others will automatically increase.

You will waste less clothing too. Many people wear a tiny proportion of the clothes they buy anyway. It is better to have fewer clothes but better quality.

How to find YOUR Signature Style

If you don’t already have an idea about what suits you, or what you like, the best place to start is with celebrities as role models. Of course, it depends on your job, as to whether you need a formal or casual signature style. If you actually want to put your mind to how to dress differently, every single day, why not just make a Pinterest board like this, where you can collate your ideas.

Start to collect the images of the celebrities that best represent the style that you want to replicate. Then start putting together a single outfit including shoes and accessories that can be worn to 90 per cent of the occasions that you go to.

You may have to tweak it for different seasons and obviously when you are going to some special occasion like a wedding. There you can change it. The overall is to simplify your life and define who you are. 

And guys, it’s meant to be fun. Do you have a signature style? Let others know your style tips below.

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