Pride And Glory – Men’s Hair Problems

One of my biggest fears is that all the hair on my head will migrate to my body. It’s my ultimate nightmare.

Men’s Hair Problems

I have nightmares sometimes about going bald and growing enough body hair to provide lifetime hair extensions to my partner. Does everyone give so much thought to their hair? 

And why is men’s hair so important?

Why Does Hair Matter?

Well, it’s growing near my brain, that’s one reason.  But it’s more to do with those base feelings, self-image and doubt that creeps in when I catch myself in a mirror.

Is that a receding hairline? Didn’t my hair look thicker yesterday? Are those greys looking more obvious today? Do prospective partners notice all this?

Confidence is everything “they,” say. If I was bald and happy, would any of this matter?

If you think you look better with hair, it matters if it starts to disappear. I wish I looked good bald. Then I could put copious amounts of my energy into something important, like watching TV.

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Hair Is A Sign Of Good Health

Apparently, hair is considered a sign of health and “good genes.” Shiny, flowing hair is a desirable feature. I think most of us notice someone with a great mane. But this is a momentary thing. 

After I talk to anyone for a few minutes, I start to notice all sorts of things about them, the least of which is their hair. If someone I like has celebrity-quality hair but has an appalling sense of humor, I’m not rating their hair anymore. I probably need to apply this thinking to myself.

The problem is I had magnificent hair in my youth. It was my “thing.” Or at least that’s what I thought. But the more I meet old friends these days, I realise I left more of an impression on them for other characteristics.

No one remembers my superb head of hair surprisingly – except for me. So what do I do, since I feel bad every time I look in the mirror?

Is Your Hair Changing? – How To Improve Your Looks

One thing that occurred to me about my hair is I was trying to hold onto the same old haircut I had when I was younger. A good haircut styled for your current hair is probably a good place to start. Shorter, neater, modern styles probably look better than wispy, long patches flying around in the wind.

Men’s Hair Problems

Next, I could try and improve my diet and nutrient intake. It’s probably a good idea to feed my body the essential elements that lead to hair growth. There is also improving other areas of myself so that the hair becomes less of a crucial element of my look.

Upgrading the body, for one thing, would go a long way to improving my self-image.  There is a hell of a lot of mirror opportunities at the gym. I might skip that, but outdoors or home workouts are an option. Working on fashion and creating a “signature style” for myself is possibly another idea to help take the pressure off my poor little strands.

Maybe a simple t-shirt and chinos? Something basic yet stylish. Something that flatters and is easy and makes me feel confident because it suits my body.

Don’t Give Up

No doubt the sheer volume of stress my hair causes me is possibly not that helpful for optimum overall health anyway. And slow, baby steps to changes in other areas of my looks are something I can actually attain. Ok, so I might become obsessed with my pecs or abs now, but at least I won’t care about hair so much.

Men’s Hair Problems

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